Slate is popular in the house, both indoors and out. Its distinctive surface gives rich and different designs and hues, all of which are natural. The bathroom is distinctive since the bricks differ from one another. Different colors and designs, on the other hand, will not result in disorganized patterns. In reality, this will only add to the attractiveness of slate bricks since they offer people a particular sense that other floor tiles, even if they are also natural stone tiles, do not.

slate facade


Its properties make it ideal for bathroom floor materials. Slate, as a natural stone, has intrinsic properties that make it an appropriate bathroom floor material; these benefits are as follows:
Some owners, for example, will complain about the “traffic map” on the slate floor, which indicates that frequent pedestrian movements will wear the slate and cause pits to appear. This is not correct. It should be noted that the drying agent often used on slate tiles is the source of this “traffic map.” The durability of slate brick makes it an excellent choice for bathroom walls. This is why many people advocate laying slate flooring in high-traffic areas.

slate for roof


Slate tile has the advantages of environmental protection and energy saving, light texture, high strength, and good thawing resistance. Slate corner cladding tiles are of hard material, bright color, fire resistance, cold resistance, low water absorption, etc., which are beautiful when used for slate corners.