Natural Black Slate Roofing Tiles

Black slate roofing tiles are cut from the finest slate quarries in China using the latest extraction technology. The natural slate tile is hand split by skilled craftsmen to produce a slate of uniform thickness and texture, believed and pre-drilled before being shipped to any private houses or Mansions in America, Canada, Austria, and European Countries.

Surface Finishing: Natural
Stone Form: Rectangular Tiles
Stone Name: Black Slate, Blue Black Slate
Feature: manufacturer/ supplier
Size: 24”x6”, 60x15cm, 18x35cm, Z type and custom

Thickness: 15-30mm

Edges: Slate both sides cleft, edges hand cutting. With or without holes

Shape: Rectangle, square, a rectangle with a curve, a rectangle with a Circle-Gothic shape and 2 cut angles, German scale shape, 6 edge shape, or as customer requirement.

MOQ: 100 SQM

Slate Factory: Perfect Stone 

Cheapest Blue Black Slate Stone Roof Tiles for Villas and Mansions

Natural Black Slate Roofing Tiles are mainly used in the construction industry. Slate stone is superior to available artificial covering materials, moisture-proof, wind-resistant, and thermal insulation. A slate roof can last for hundreds of years. Chinese Natural Slate is safe, ecological, and environmentally friendly.

Natural Black Slate Roofing Tiles - slate

-Black Slate | Blue Black Slate | Perfect Stone

Chinese black roof slate tiles can weather quickly and produce an aged appearance.

Excellent natural mineral composition, stainless steel
Beautiful natural colors with subtle tonal variations
Fine natural crack structure
Excellent uniform size, thickness, and flatness
Suitable geometry and real rectangles
Pre-punched for quick attachment

Scale slate roof is called the round or “Fish Scale” Slate roof. In this type, the slate roofing tiles are round from one side and flat from the other. While installing the roof slate, the rounded side is placed downwards whereas the flat slate roof is fixed beneath. This looks at the fish scale and makes a very good slate roofing.

A natural slate roof tile is made from weatherproof stone, which makes slate stone the perfect choice for all kinds of roofing applications. For slate roofing, there is a wide choice of slate colors, usually some shade or combination of gray, green, purple, black, and red. Perfect Stone can provide different slate tiles for roof usage, besides the standard slate sizes, slate in other sizes, is specially made to suit diverse specifications. These colors are found in a variety of hues amongst several quarries.

Slate Roof Specification | Perfect Stone

Product name
Slate Roof Tile
600X300, 500X250, 400X250, 400X200, 300X200mm etc.
5-7mm, 6-8mm
Slate both sides cleft edges hand cutting. With or without holes
Rectangle, square, a rectangle with a curve, a rectangle with a Circle-Gothic shape and 2 cut angles, German scale shape, 6 edge shape, or as customer requirement.
Black, Grey, Green, Rusty, Purple.
In a strong solid seaworthy fumed wooden crate.
Surface Treatment
100 pcs
Natural Slate
Plain Roof Tiles, Slate

The premium quality blue-black roof slates provide an elegant and durable roof for new construction and restoration projects. Rich black slate tiles roof covering panel has a slight sheen and is admired by architects, contractors, and builders around the world. Perfect Stone’s black roof slate tiles Meet or Exceed ASTM Requirements for S-1 Rated Roofing Slate.

Slate Roof Tile Photos | Perfect Stone

Natural Black Slate Roofing Tiles - slate   Natural Black Slate Roofing Tiles - slate

Chinese Black Slate roof tiles are natural, durable, rust-resistant, blue-black slates that are highly desirable for any roofing project. The traditional split also has a texture and characteristic grain that won’t fade in the harshest sun.

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Natural Black Slate Roofing Tiles - slate

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We supply various styles of Natural Slate Roof Tile products as per clients’ requirements.

Natural Black Slate Roofing Tiles - slate
Our Advantage:
1) rich experience in stone products trade to offer valuable and effective service for you.
2) strict quality control system to meet your expectations.
3) abundant stone products in color, shape, and finish for your favorable selection.
4) accurate in dimensions, various designs, reasonable prices, and prompt delivery.


Q: Can the slate roof customize our needs, such as putting on our logo?

A: Put on your logo is also available.

Q: About the after-sale service, how can you solve the problems that occurred with your overseas customer on time?

A: Quantity discrepancy, In case of any quality discrepancy, the claim should be filed by the Buyer within 30 days after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination; Otherwise means all is acceptable;

Q: Is your price competitive?

A: Only good quality slate roofs we supply. Surely we will give you the best factory price based on superior products and service.

Natural Black Slate Roofing Tiles - slate