Because it is resistant and waterproof, sintered stone is a good choice for outdoor work. This method allows for the creation of items with a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns. Sintered stone is as durable as rock, waterproof, and resistant to heat and cold. It is extremely difficult to chip, scratch, or damage, and it is simple to clean.

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Quartz is deemed non-recyclable due to the density with which these components are packed. However, sintered stone is the only artificial stone made entirely of natural minerals and free of resin binders. This means that the material can be degraded and reused in the future.

Sintered stone dining tables are non-toxic and radiation-free due to their all-natural, chemical-free manufacturing. Its non-porous construction also makes it food safe, preventing germs and bacteria from growing and allowing you to place food directly on it.

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The English name is SINTERED STONE, which means “sintered stone,” and its hardness exceeds that of granite and other igneous rocks. Slate is created from natural raw materials using sophisticated technology, compacted with a press capable of handling more than 10,000 tons, mixed with NDD technology, and burned at temperatures above 1200 ° C. It can endure all types of high-strength porcelain processing on a wide scale.

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