Sandstone is a sedimentary rock that is largely made of quartz sand, but it may also contain substantial quantities of feldspar, silt, and clay. Quartzose sandstone is sandstone that includes more than 90% quartz.

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Many people like sandstone facade tile because of its exquisite look and moderate hardness. Sandstone also has the properties of no pollution, no reflection, no weathering, no discoloration, heat absorption, heat preservation, non-slip, and so on. It is ideal for exterior walls, ground, and other technical purposes.

Sandstone is a matt stone with a soft and welcoming vision that does not create a lot of reflected light. In comparison to marble and granite, sandstone has virtually little radioactivity, making it safe for human consumption and ideal for large-scale applications.


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In terms of durability, sandstone is comparable to marble and granite. It is difficult to weather and discolor. It is both basic and attractive, and it is quite popular among designers. The honey onyx marble has a delicate feel and is backlit, and the pattern of multicolored clouds is really spectacular and appealing, making it appropriate for backdrop walls, staircases, floors, walls, vanity tops, and so on.

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Natural sandstone has a high water absorption rate, making it ideal for placing on outdoor surfaces such as gardens, courtyards, squares, and parks. Furthermore, the sandstone hue is single and pure, monochromatic, or revealing a wood grain color, and is commonly: yellow, red, green, purple, gray, white, and wood grain sandstone, among others.