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White Classic Design-Carrara White

Carrara white countertop, it is a fashionable countertop with development potential in China.

Pure natural stone, the pattern is harmonious and beautiful, the luster is soft and the texture is ever-changing, and it has the feeling of returning to nature. The whole stone can be carved, luxurious bathtubs, wash basins, basins, countertops and various decorations, which are practical and decorative.

The faint texture walks through the space. In this elegant and simple modern space, it interprets a kind of fashion art charm, coupled with exquisite craft decorations, looks refreshing, comfortable and very elegant.


The pure and soft texture of the white stone coupled with the elegant and natural veins is amazing, and it has been given the meaning of sacred and pure. Since ancient times, white stone has become people’s favorite.

White stone has become more and more widely used in decorative design, and has gradually become the darling of high-end design. Among the white natural stones, marble varieties generally include: Snow White, Fish White, White Crystal, Carrara White, Yugoslavia White, Jazz White, Yashi White, Fine Flower White, Landscape Pattern Large Flower White, White Marble, Oriental White, Reticulated White Wait;