Why Quartz Stone So Popular As Countertop

Quartz stone countertop: quartz stone countertop  is a new kind of new technology artificial stone which made by fine and gorgeous stone whose manufacturing process is connected with a set of most advanced and patented system.The product contains over 90% natural quartz or granite, which is combined with a super high performance resin and special pigment.On […]

Xiangxuemei Marble·Interior Decoration Effect Display

Xiangxuemei Series-The one who smells is fascinated, and the one who sees is intent "The pattern is chaotic and the spirit is not chaotic." On the big white board, it becomes a real Xiangxuemei, proud of snow and frost, open in the cold, very aesthetic texture The simple living room is full of demure and […]

Why Is Tan Brown Granite Is So Popular

Among all the granite products on the market, Tan Brown is probably the most famous one. In various granite sales lists and popularity lists, Tan Brown almost ranks in the top three. Even in recent years, the profits and sales of imported granite have been declining year by year, and some have even been eliminated […]

Why Natural Floor Tiles Are Perfect For Your Home?

Natural Crystal White Marble is not only beautiful but is a durable natural stone, which can be carved and formed into a variety of beautiful patterns. One can create stunning works of art with Natural Crystal White Marble. This natural stone has been used by the ancient Greeks and Romans for both interior and exterior […]

Why Is Marble Kitchen Top So Popular In Western Countries?

Marble is many pregnant women tile choice practically in most homes. It adds a certain beauty that can only be offered by piece of rock. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom, or foyer, marble can boost the look of any area of house. But with such beauty there does come a price. But we are not […]

Why Choose Marble Countertops?

There is a surprising reason why Marble Countertops is a high demand for countertop installation. On the one hand, it has an elegant look that immediately supports the design of any bathroom or kitchen in which they are installed. Colors options, grain and pattern examples, and edge profiles all make on the marble as an attractive decision. […]

Why Does Stone Have Rust Spot?

1. The rust on the surface is a small amount of iron residue left on the surface after contacting with iron substance in the process of mining, processing, transportation and installation of stone. These residues react with air and water to form rust. 2. Deep rust is a special kind of stone, which contains a […]

Why Buy A White Quartz Vanity Top Table?

Whether you are going to use it for your bedroom or your bathroom, a white quartz vanity top table is something that every woman must-have. There is something about a white quartz vanity table that makes any room elegant and sophisticated. Whether you choose a table with an inlay of crystals, a smooth white finish, […]

Why Chinese Juparana Granite So Popular?

Nowadays, the procurement of Rontousa granite is increasing. Why is The granite so popular? What is the cause of this? Today I will introduce for you, why we Chinese Juparana Granite so popular. Chinese Juparana Granite is granite paving stone in the top lang, in recent years with the development of the social economy, the hot modern […]