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When Stone Design Integrates Natural Aesthetics

When Stone Design Integrates Natural Aesthetics

In the current hustle and bustle of the era, integrating design concepts into natural aesthetics with life emotions as the entry point can often generate many indescribable ideas and can most directly resonate with people. In this regard, stone has an unparalleled advantage.

Stone is the history of nature. For a long time, natural textures, shapes, colors, textures, etc. formed according to natural changes have been good materials for conveying emotions and interpreting natural beauty. Generally speaking, when you think of stone, it is easy to define it as a single color such as gray, brown, white, and black, or nouns such as mica, dolomite, granite, and marble, but if you look closely at the stone, you will find that it is always composed of countless elements. This feature makes the stone have a deep feeling from the heart, making it easier to produce beautiful visual perception.

From the perspective of modern aesthetics, the stone in people's conventional cognition is always a hard, indifferent, barren, and desolate image. Therefore, the "stone" itself is kept clean and clean, and at the same time, the image of the stone is reshaped to give The inverted character of warmth, comfort, and gentleness that the stone does not possess in conventional cognition can not only give people a stunning look beyond the general concept, but also make people flat and broad in the awakening, and it is more in line with the current natural aesthetics. Just the characteristics of Jane. When natural stone is used in home decoration design, the coldness of natural stone is removed, and the natural and warm texture is retained, showing the warmth, bright and advanced of home.

Stone also naturally has some characteristics that can be used in design.

Unevenness-stones are always irregular and asymmetrical, which can create many shapes that are not dull and full of surprises;

Simplicity-it does not need to be decorated too much, only the parts that need to be designed can be designed to show greater charm;

Steadyness-based on the texture and texture, no matter what kind of stone, it is easy to give people a mature, stable, rigorous and visual perception, making people contemplate quiet, not exaggerated, and not restless;

Naturalness-The stone is primitive, natural, and non-pretentious, which means that it is often implicit and implied, and it can point to deeper thinking and connotation in terms of creative intentions.

In building decoration, comfort and cultural sense have gradually become more and more important elements in recent years.

The simple style of stone, to a large extent, also just meets these pursuits of modern people, whether it is the fashionable and luxurious simple European style, or the atmospheric and restrained new Chinese style, from the ground, wall, staircase to tabletop, decoration , Stone is being used by more interior designers.

From the generation of demand, to the purchase of the product, to the final use of the product, there are different user experiences throughout the product life cycle. Therefore, a good design should fully consider the user experience of users and meet their needs. In addition to bringing them spiritual enjoyment, but also to meet the needs of users.

This requires that in addition to the organic combination of traditional technology and design aesthetics in stone design, the practicality should also be promoted.

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