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What‘s The Road Paving Materials?

Square tiles:

Process natural stone into small-size stone products (100X100mm, 100X200mm, or some small-size hexagons, rhombus fans, etc.), dedicated to paving squares, courtyards, parks and other outdoor flat ground. The material, variety, color, origin, and stone engineering slabs are basically the same, mainly made of granite, and many of them are made of limestone, slate or sandstone. In the stone square tile industry, light-tone products are mostly (called main color products), and black and red tones are rare (called color matching products). The color matching products used generally use more high-end and luxurious varieties.


Mainly used as ground paving for aisles and road traffic passages; among them, there are lane stones and sidewalk stones. The lane stones are thicker, generally 800-120mm thick. The mainstream uses granite paving. The color is more monotonous and mainly gray and white. Gray-black or black, and the sidewalk stone is generally 30-50mm thick. The choice of stone is relatively wide, including granite, slate, sandstone, limestone, etc., and there are more choices in color.


It is used to pave some non-square paving stones in parks, courtyards and other garden places. Most of them are stones with unique processing surfaces. At the same time, they use the most materials. Granite, slate, sandstone, limestone, etc. are all common. The design, color, overall style, etc. are relatively natural and casual, but at the same time bold and novel, not more formal than square stones.


It is specially used to pave the ground paving stones covering the drainage ditches and drainage ditches. Most of the paving stones are made of granite. Some of these paving stones have special designs such as drainage holes or drainage ditches.

Blind way:

It is also called blind stone, which is used to pave roads for blind people to walk. Most of them are granite, and some are limestone. Sandstone is relatively rare.

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