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What’s Natural Rusty Slate Tile Corner?

Natural cultural stone is a kind of stone ore mined in nature. Slate, sandstone and quartz stone are processed into a kind of decorative building materials. There are two main types: marble and granite. Natural cultural stone is hard in material, bright in color, rich in texture, and different in style. It has the characteristics of compression resistance, wear resistance, fire resistance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and low water absorption. There are two main types of natural cultural stones: one is sedimentary sandstone, and the other is hard slate.

Cultured stone itself does not have a specific cultural connotation. However, the cultural stone has a rough texture and natural form. It can be said that the cultural stone is a manifestation of people's mentality of returning to nature and returning to the truth in interior decoration. This mentality can also be understood as a kind of life culture. The concept of using cultural stones in homes originated from abroad. Although similar wall treatments have long been used in my country, they are generally used outdoors. In the early 1990s, the concept of cultural stone was introduced into my country, but the cultural stone at that time was basically imported. In 1997, the price of imported cultural stone material was as high as 1,000 yuan per square meter. The large-scale use of cultured stone was 99 years later. At that time, many domestically funded or joint venture cultured stone manufacturers began to appear in China. There are two types of cultural stones: man-made and natural. Cultural stones are hard, bright in color, rich in texture, and different in style, but they are not flat enough, and are generally used for outdoor or indoor local decoration.

There are powder rust, water rust, jade rust, purple rust and other types of rusty tiles. The colors are gorgeous and the patterns are changeable. Each piece is unique. The rusty slate has the affinity of warm colors, giving people a natural, primitive, mysterious and romantic feeling in a leisurely and relaxed atmosphere.

PERFECT STONE - What's Natural Rusty Slate Tile Corner?