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What Is Stone Water-jet Medallion?

Stone water-jet Medallion are widely used in the decoration of floors, walls, and countertops in modern buildings. With the natural color, texture and material of the stone, combined with the designer's artistic conception, a series of exquisite patterns are "spelled out". This is also the most beautiful and noble decorative product in stone decoration, which is very popular among designers and consumers.

The processing principle is:

Use computer-aided drawing software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC) to convert the patterns designed by people into NC programs through CAD, and then transfer the NC programs to the CNC waterjet cutting machine, and use the CNC waterjet cutting machine to cut various materials Finally, the various stone pattern parts are manually spliced and bonded into a whole to complete the processed stone mosaic pattern of the waterjet mosaic, which is clear, clear and has a strong sense of layering, and there are many varieties of colors. It can also be customized according to the drawings.

PERFECT STONE - What Is Stone Water-jet Medallion?

round water-jet medallion

PERFECT STONE - What Is Stone Water-jet Medallion?

water-jet medallion