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Tips On Cleaning And Maintaining Crystal White Marble Slab

The Crystal White Marble Slab belongs to the crystalline form of calcium carbonate. Generally, this white translucent substance with wide applications. At the same time, it can also be cut into different sizes and styles.

When you compare the white artificial marble slabs to natural white ones, the superficial look of the latter is far better. They can be used for beautifying the bathroom floor, countertops surround, and vanity top. The three-dimensional squares can be put together by using some special cement that can be obtained from hardware stores or online stores.

This slab is quite easy to install. However, if you want to have a beautiful look, you need to prepare all the materials required such as grout lines and joint compounds. Moreover, you should also know how to clean and maintain these types of slabs to give your vanity or bathroom an everlasting look. You should know how to use tiling tape and grout covers so that your slabs remain looking new for many years.

For installing this type of slabs, you should use some tiling glue that can be easily found in any home improvement store. However, before starting to glue the slabs together, make sure that there is no glue residue left on the marble. If there is, it will not stick properly and you will have a hard time putting up the slabs.

To make this type of slabs look better, you can apply a thin coat of demineralized wax. This wax can be found in any home improvement store. This way, you can seal the slabs and keep them away from dust and moisture. However, before applying the wax, you should first trim the marble tiles to get the exact size. Then, use a razor blade to shave the wax from the marble. After that, smooth the wax with a rag and reapply it onto the slabs.

The last step is to allow the slabs to dry in the open air for at least a few hours. In addition, you can also put a finishing polish on the slabs so that they look bright and elegant. When these types of slabs are installed in your bathroom, you will find them very easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, make sure you do all these things so that your bathroom will look great and you will enjoy spending time in your bathroom.