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Sintered Stone Is Suitable For Countertop

PERFECT STONE - Sintered Stone Is Suitable For Countertop

Sintered Slab is used for cabinet countertops because of its antibacterial, antibacterial, high hardness and impact resistance.

1. High hardness and impact resistance

The thickness of the Sintered slab ranges from 3mm to 20mm. Even the thinnest sintered slab has high hardness, high hardness and impact resistance.

The impact resistance of a 6mm thick sintered slab is equivalent to that of 35mm granite, even if meat or bone is cut on the sintered slab, it will not break.

2. Antibacterial and antibacterial

The sintered slab has a food-grade surface, which is healthy and environmentally friendly and has passed the NSF certification, so there is no need to worry about mold invading the body. (NSF is the designated cooperation center of the World Health Organization on food safety and drinking water safety and treatment.)

The impermeability of rock slabs is extremely high. The best ceramic tiles on the market currently have a water seepage rate of at least three thousandths, while the water seepage rate of sintered slab is two ten thousandths, which can be safely applied to bathroom spaces.

In addition, the extremely high density of the sintered slab can prevent the penetration of stains, so there is no need to worry about sewage and stains penetrating into the stone, and it is also easy to clean.

In actual use, the matching degree of sintered slab and furniture is also very high. The characteristics of lightness, thinness, flexibility, and strong plasticity are also their essence.

1. Thin: The thickness of the sintered slab countertop is only 1/3 of the traditional ceramic tile.

2. Light: The average weight of traditional ceramic tiles is 23~27kgs/㎡, while the average weight of the ultra-thin sintered slab is only 7kgs/㎡.

3. Soft: The unique 3mm thickness 1.2×3.6m size, its softness can be bent into an arc.

4. Strong plasticity: The sintered slab can be drilled, polished, cut and other deep processing, suitable for various shapes.