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Marble Will Carry The Texture Of Life To The End

Marble Will Carry The Texture Of Life To The End

The mountains and snowy roads are white, the scenery is vast and proud and independent, Liu Zongyuan's "Jiang Xue" has a lofty artistic conception, embodies the author's own image, and has been praised to this day. Perhaps it is admiration of Liu Zongyuan's talent or the artistic conception of a poet. , There is a piece of marble named "Han Jiang Xue".


Hanjiang Snow" Marble

Produced in: Turkey

Material attributes: snow-white tone, clean, clear, rich in layers, vertical and horizontal textures are soft and frustrated, the transition is soft, freely outlined, and gradually formed.

Scope of application: suitable for modern minimalist, Nordic, new Chinese, light luxury and other styles, used in background walls, countertops, villa wall and floor paving, commercial spaces, etc.


In recent years, the white series has become a big hit. Hanjiang Snow Marble is light and unique, luxurious and restrained. The unique gray and black texture of Hanjiang Snow, without losing the artistic conception of landscape, contains a charm to awaken inheritance…



Large area of snow in the winter

Extend the overall effect of the space

Wide range of gray applications

Improved the application of other hues

Combine low-key white with bold black

Let the atmosphere of the space enhance a certain style