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How To Process Semi-Precious Stone?

Semi-precious stone slab processing:

The semi-precious stone slab is composed of natural gems and minerals. In nature, these semi-precious minerals usually exist in the form of small pieces, while the entire semi-precious stone slab is hand-selected by the craftsman and stitched together one by one. , The plates produced are unique.

When cutting semi-precious stone slabs, you need to buy a special cutting disc. The edge polishing can be performed like other standard granites. The machine processing speed must be halved. For manual polishing, water polishing must be used, because our The semi-precious stones are full of minerals.

When cleaning semi-precious stones, ammonia, bleach or any other harsh cleaning agents must be avoided. A mild or neutral cleaning agent is suitable for cleaning the surface of semi-precious stones. Avoid direct sunlight when storing the slabs and avoid placing the slabs at temperatures below 10°C (50°F) or higher than 40°C (104°F) under.

Installation notes:

Generally, the distance between the support points of the semi-precious stone slab with a thickness of 30 mm should not exceed 60 cm, and the span between the plates should be reduced to the minimum to prevent damage and cracks. For the countertop, the distance between the fulcrums should not exceed 30 cm.

In the case of suspension, the support points must be firm. If the distance between the support points exceeds the maximum value mentioned above, additional support and fixation need to be strengthened.