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How To Choose Cultural Slate?

PERFECT STONE - How To Choose Cultural Slate?

Cultural Slate is divided into natural cultural stone and artificial Cultural Slate. When choosing the stone, try to choose artificial Cultural Slate. Decorated with natural cultural stones, the tailings of natural stones are generally used, and the colors are not necessarily matched.

The artificial Cultural Slate is professionally processed and refined, so the size and color of the stone are relatively uniform, while the thickness of natural stone varies, the decorative effect of too thin Cultural Slate is not obvious, and the safety of too thick is not guaranteed;

Except for square stones, most other Cultural Slate is limited by the natural texture of the stone. To achieve a coordinated effect, the construction is more difficult, especially the splicing process. The cultural stone background wall is not a single construction, usually multiple processes together, so we must plan the construction of the project first, so that the construction of the cultural wall can be carried out in an orderly manner, so as to avoid the phenomenon of project chaos; because The background wall has many styles and styles, so we have to design the style of the TV background wall in the early stage;