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How Many Kind Of Beige Marble?

1.Golden line beige marble

  Golden Line Beige, which is produced in Egypt, is a kind of beige series. Its reverse section is magnificent. The stone is a high-grade decorative stone, which is mainly used in buildings with high decorative requirements. Gold line beige marble reference price: 220 yuan / square meter

2.Spanish beige marble

  Spanish beige is based on calcium carbonate, but has more silicon and magnesium components. The color penetrates along the crystal gap and intertwined, becoming a natural artwork. The stone of choice for high-end architectural decoration. The background color is beige, with a few thin red lines, and good luminosity. There are many varieties, and Spanish beige is divided into four types: COTO regular beige, ZAFRA red beige, SP lightning beige, and ZIVAS watermark beige. There are rice grain type, white flower type and other types. The background color ranges from light white to dark black. There are various color lines and red lines. Among them, white background and white texture are the best. Spanish beige marble reference price: 450 yuan / square meter

3.Turkish beige marble

   Turkish beige marble has a yellow background and a golden yellow texture. It is mostly used in indoor walls, countertops, outdoor walls, outdoor floors, etc. Turkish beige marble reference price: 420 yuan / square meter

4. White galaxy beige marble

White sand beige marble has a light gray pattern with poor luminosity and can be glued. It is suitable for hotels and guesthouses, and can also be used for processing mosaics or special-shaped products. It is currently mainly used in indoor and outdoor decoration, components, wash basins, carvings and other places. White sand beige marble reference price: 330 yuan / square meter