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What’s Advantages Of Granite Countertop?

Advantages of granite kitchen countertops:

Appearance: The subtle color changes of granite cannot be imitated by artificial stones. The color of granite will change with the change of light, whether it is color, spots or other patterns throughout the whole granite. Heat resistance: granite has excellent heat resistance and heat dissipation. The heated pot will not leave any traces on the countertop, and will not cause bubbles or cracks on the countertop due to excessive temperature differences.

Resistance: The granite has basically no pores and is not easy to breed bacteria.

Hardness: The hardness of granite is second only to diamond in nature, so granite countertops are not prone to scratches, hard but not brittle. Stability: Granite is stable in nature, non-conductive, resistant to acid and alkali, and has a long service life.

Disadvantages: Single shape: it can't be formed in one piece. It is no problem to make a straight granite countertop, but the countertop with corners can only be joined by one side of the stone, and cannot be made into a whole piece.