Why Everyone Likes Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops have high hardness and good stain resistance. Western cooking is simple and basically open kitchens, so natural granite is their first choice. According to a survey by the American Marble Association, granite countertops are the ideal kitchen choice for most American consumers. They think that granite countertops are beautiful and durable, and granite […]

What’s The Standard Of Natural Marble Block?

1. The marble block must have the shape of a right-angled parallel hexahedron. 2. The length, width du, and height of the block allow extreme tolerance, flatness, and angle tolerance. dao 3. Appearance quality: the tone pattern of the same batch of blocks should be basically the same. The appearance quality grades such as missing […]

Where To Buy A Natural Carrara Marble Dining Table

Natural Carrara Marble Dining Table is the most popular type of Carrara Marble which is used to produce these beautiful pieces of furniture. They are not only used to create stunning tables and chairs, but they are also used to make tables and chairs which can be used for other purposes as well. So it […]

White Marble Stone Slabs

Italy Calacatta White Marble Slab is one of the most common stones used in making tables and other objects that require a surface finish. These marble slabs are also known as anaconda, calico, and anaconda marble. They are created by grinding fine calcite stones together, or by crushing small-sized calcite pieces. This is a technique, […]

White Wood Marble Slab – A Preference Of Many

As the name suggests, Marble Slab is made from white marble. The white marble has been used for ages to decorate different architectural structures like ancient temples. Today, there are many types of white marble available in the market. But, one should firstly choose the proper Marble slabs according to the design and theme that […]

White Wooden Vein Marble Tile

The difference between a white wooden vein marble tile and the more traditional red marble is the sheer beauty and timelessness that both stones bring to any room. When you look around your house, you may well be overwhelmed by the fact that many of the rooms are decorated with the color reds, blues, or […]

Why Bettel White Granite Tiles Makes A Statement

Bethel White Granite has a medium-to-light grey, brown and black granite of the Devonian age. This pale stone is international might be identified as black granite, the quality and color variations are extremely variable between various quarries, and the quality of the stone, often denoted by veining and grain patterns. This white granite in the […]

What Is Advantafe Of Natural Onyx Background Wall?

1. High cost performance. The long-term comprehensive cost of the onyx of the pure natural onyx background wall is low. If you pay attention to the total cost of various building materials for 30 years or more, you can see that the total cost of natural onyx is not higher than that of other artificial […]

What Is Bethel White Granite?

Description: Bethel Black granite is a light, medium to dark grey, black to the white granitic rock of the Devonian era. This beautiful stone is globally recognised as a black granite in the area of decorative application and internationally can also be called a black granite. Description: The beautiful stone has a similar look and […]