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What Is The Popular White Marble?

White stone has become more and more widely used in decorative design, and has gradually become the darling of high-end design. Among the white natural stones, marble varieties generally include:Calacatta white marble ,statuario white marble, Carrara White, Yugoslavia White, Volakas White, Ariston White,Guangxi white marble ,Chinese snow white marble, Oriental White ect…

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Popular White Marble?

Carrara White is a kind of white marble loved by designers and owners. It is widely used in the decoration and decoration materials of high-end hotels, high-end villas and high-end leisure places.

Features of the board surface: white background and gray lines, the lines are divided into points and lines;   

Scope of application: Mainly used in interior decoration surfaces, such as floors, walls, pillars and countertops, etc.