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What Is The Popular White Marble?

What Is The Popular White Marble?

White stone has become more and more widely used in decorative design, and has gradually become the darling of high-end design. Among the white natural stones, marble varieties generally include:Calacatta white marble ,statuario white marble, Carrara White, Yugoslavia White, Volakas White, Ariston White,Guangxi white marble ,Chinese snow white marble, Oriental White ect…

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Popular White Marble?

Carrara White is a kind of white marble loved by designers and owners. It is widely used in the decoration and decoration materials of high-end hotels, high-end villas and high-end leisure places.

Features of the board surface: white background and gray lines, the lines are divided into points and lines;   

Scope of application: Mainly used in interior decoration surfaces, such as floors, walls, pillars and countertops, etc.