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How To Choose Stone For Home Decoration?

Stone is a kind of decoration material with excellent decoration effect, but choosing suitable decoration stone requires attention to many aspects of knowledge. How to choose the right stone for home decoration?

  • Category recognition

At present, the common stone materials on the market mainly include marble, granite, terrazzo and synthetic stone. Natural stone is a high-grade decorative material, mainly used in projects with high decorative level, and the price is generally higher; artificial stone is a lower-grade decorative material, only used for middle and low-end interior decoration, and the price is relatively high. Natural stone will be lower.

  • Quality performance

1. According to the level of radioactivity, stone materials in our country are divided into three categories: A, B, and C. According to regulations, only category A can be used for home interior decoration, while category B and C are mostly used for outdoor decoration. Artificial stone varies depending on the ingredients added when it is produced.

2. The wear resistance of natural stone is better than that of artificial stone, so natural stone is more suitable for places with frequent friction, such as threshold stone, living room floor and other spaces.

3. Natural stone has stronger permeability than artificial stone, that is, weaker stain resistance. The artificial stone has poor permeability and stronger stain resistance.

  • Select stone for different spaces

The most suitable stone for different locations is different, and inappropriate stones are used in some places, which greatly reduces the quality of decoration.

1. The living room is more suitable for laying the floor with marble; if the home is installed with floor heating, you can choose artificial stone with better high temperature resistance.

2. The countertop of the cabinet will be in contact with water and oil, and it will also bear the impact caused by cutting vegetables and meat. Therefore, the hardness of the stone should be high, and at the same time, it should have a good anti-seepage function to avoid oil infiltration. Stone. Therefore, it is recommended to choose natural granite or man-made composite stone; try to use dark-colored stones to avoid splashing oil stains and affecting appearance.

3. The windowsill and countertops of the bathroom and bedroom will also be paved with stone. The stone paving here focuses more on decoration and does not require high hardness. You can choose relatively beautiful stone such as marble.