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Amazon Green Marble Decoration

The texture pattern formed by natural marble is like running clouds and flowing water, seemingly chaotic, but has a unique rhythm and charm. The details are blended with metal elements, and the ultimate luxury charm is irresistible.

Whether it is a porch shelf or a screen, the metal itself has a strong decorative effect due to its own luster and color, which echoes the gray-white stone background and is full of texture. Against the background of the warm light, solidity reveals agility, dyeing a touch of enthusiasm to the space, as if it is a light from the dark night, waiting for the family in the secret of the night.

The living room space is designed with the construction of social entertainment as the core. The designer composes the tune of the living room space with clean lines and sensual materials. Amazon green marble and gold embellishment constitute the basic melody of the space. Sit in it, burn a piece of fragrance, and make a cup of fragrance. Ming, I feel the artistic conception of life that "you have friends come from afar, but you don't know what to say".

The restaurant design combines the simple design language to express the ideal dining atmosphere. The elegant marble dining table and the metal match condense social interaction and eating into the square inch of life. In your free time, sit with your family at the table and taste a glass of champagne, and enjoy the taste of happiness in the collision of the glasses.

Amazon green marble round desktops of scattered sizes are matched with metal, nestled quietly by the bed, time slows down here. The calm tone of green and dark blue that complements each other makes people relieve fatigue, softens the edges and corners of the space, relaxes every nerve in the body, and the golden embellishment of details conveys the infinite charm of high-quality new urban life.

PERFECT STONE - Amazon Green Marble Decoration