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All About The Silver Blue Marble Slabs

China silver-blue marble slabs are a beautiful natural stone with blue veining and grayish veins which were used for thousands of years as both cabinet or countertop finish. It is similar in appearance to Brazil's green marble. The most important characteristics of this stone are its translucency, tonal qualities, and its durability. All these qualities make this slab one of the most elegant and popular floors finishes to be used in homes today.

This slab is extracted from quarries in different places in China. Some suppliers get their silver-blue marble slabs directly from the mines while some prefer to send them by trucks or ships. Usually, the best quality of this stone is produced within the first five years after being quarried. Since it contains blue quartz, there is a possibility that some impurities will be detected during the finishing process, but this does not usually affect its quality.

Compared to other materials, this slab is extremely hard and does not fracture easily. Also, it contains higher amounts of chromium and manganese. When combined with its luster, the silver-blue quartz slab has an appealing appearance and when cut into smaller pieces, it turns out to be smooth, shiny, and flat.

This beautiful rock consists of primarily aluminum oxide and nitrite, which are found in their chemical composition. In addition, it contains trace amounts of copper, zinc, manganese, iron, and selenium. Although these elements vary from piece to piece, they are commonly found in full slab and jumbo slab. The blue color of the quartz is due to the presence of ferric oxides.

Silver blue quartz slabs are used to make flooring, floor tiles, countertops, kitchen countertops, bathroom walls, as well as kitchen cabinets. During the manufacturing process, the blue color of the slabs comes out because of the welding process, but when the slab is finished, the color stays. Some companies that produce this material also use methods and techniques to give this beautiful stone a unique look and appearance.

A popular product made from this exquisite stone is a white marble antique. The most popular design of this product is a full slab that measures approximately 1015mm wide and 725mm tall. Another popular product is the Chinese Wave Chian Slab. Although this is a full slab, it does not have the luster and sparkle of the Silver Blue Marble Slabs. The colors are close, but not exact copies.