Viscount White Granite Countertop

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Material:Chinese viscount granite
Port: China

Payment: L/C, T/T at sight

Product Introduction

Viscount White granite is a popular granite quarried in China. It has a mix of white, gray, and black colors, making it perfect for contemporary bathroom and kitchen countertops. Viscount White has a very soft look that makes it every designer’s dream. It has a low price tag compared with its substitutes, along with durability, making it a perfect choice of countertop. We will drill down into details of Viscount White Granite in the article.


Viscount White is also known as Silver Cloud Granite, Viscont White, Bianco Viscont White, Wiscont White, Visconte White, Viskont, Madanapalle White, Madanapalli White, Mandana Pali White, Mandana Palli White, Wiscont White, and Madanapalle.


Chinese viscount white granite price depending upon the lot you get, granite fabricator, and project details, the price of Viscount White slab will vary between $25to $30 sqm.


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Viscount granite prefab

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Granite ountertop factory

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Granite countertop supplier

Product name Viscount white granite countertop
Color White
Material Viscount white granite
Style Modern
Finish Polished
Certificate SGS text report
Usage indoor/outdoor wall, floor, counter tops, basin, stair, column etc.
Slabs Size (2400-3000) X (1200-1600) X (12-30) mm
Countertop Size 96″x36″,108″x36″,118″x36″,36″x22″,48″x22″,60″x22″,72″x22″,
Application Kitchen room and bathroom .

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