Viscount White Granite Countertop

Material:Chinese viscount granite
Port: China

Today, one of the most popular natural stones worldwide is granite. Granite has been displacing marble in all aspects of architecture, including flooring, wall cladding, worktops, and other areas, even if marble is still a popular choice in the construction business. The reasons are obvious: granite’s incredible durability and attractive appearance. White granite stones stand out as the best alternative among architects and homeowners when it comes to selecting the most beautiful granite for your project.

Viscount White Granite is one of the several types of white granite that are currently available, and it is particularly well-liked in American construction. Numerous names, including Viscount White, Viscont White, Bianco White, Wiscont White, and others, are given to this granite. This granite has an unrivaled beauty and a delicate color tone that give it a unique identity.

Product Details

Popular granite from China’s quarries is called viscount white. Its combination of white, gray, and black makes it ideal for modern kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Every designer’s dream material, viscount white granite has an extremely delicate appearance. It is the ideal countertop choice because it is inexpensive compared to alternatives and durable. In the post, we shall go into the specifics of Viscount White Granite.

Other names for Viscount White include Silver Cloud Granite, Wiscont White, Viscont White, Bianco Viscont White, Viscont White, Visconte White, Madanapalle White, Madanapalli White, Mandana Pali White, and Mandana Palli White.

Price of Chinese viscount white granite: the cost of the viscount white granite slab can range from $25 to $30 sqm, depending on the lot you acquire, the granite fabricator, and the specifics of your project.  

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Viscount White Granite Countertop - granite-countertop

Viscount Granite Prefab

Viscount White Granite Countertop - granite-countertop

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Viscount White Granite Countertop - granite-countertop

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Viscount White Granite Countertop
5 years
After-sale Service
Online technical support
Project Solution Capability
Graphic design
Indoor/outdoor wall, floor, counter tops, basin, stair, column etc.
Design Style
Place of Origin
Brand Name
Perfect Stone
Surface Finishing
Available Stone Form
Big Slab. Small Slab, Prefab Countertops. Vanity Tops, Tiles, etc.
Stone Name
Viscount White Granite
  1) Small Slab: 1200-1800, 1800up, 2000up, 2400up x 600up, 700up, 800up, 900up mm;
  2) Countertop: 96″ x 26″, 108″ x 26″, 96″ x 36″, 108″ x 36″, 98″ x 37″ or project size, etc;
  3) Customized size are also available.
Payment Terms
   T/T, 30% deposit, 70% paid before shipping
Delivery Time
   15 ~20 days after order confirmed

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Viscount White Granite Countertop - granite-countertop

Viscount White Granite Countertop - granite-countertop