Super White Quartzite Slab

The Super White Quartzite tone will work well in its intended application, whether that be a kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity, fireplace, or even flooring. It’s a wonderful and resistant Brazilian quartzite that can work perfectly as a kitchen, bathroom countertops, and indoor wall panels.

Brazil Calacatta Grey Quartzite Slabs For Countertops and Wall Panel

Super White Quartzite Slab is white with deep gray veins of natural Brazil Stone. It has grown in recognition over the final few years due to the fact it resembles marble and will work wonderfully as a kitchen countertop, lavatory arrogance top, backsplash, bar countertop, or furnace surround. No count how you select to set it up, Super White Quartzite Slab will deliver widespread visible attraction to interior spaces.

Super White Quartzite can be simply what you are searching for. When looking out for a stone to entire your domestic redesigning project, there are many motives that Super White Extra Quartzite has to be at the pinnacle of your desire list.

Super White Premium Quartzite is welcome for a wild range of applications, such as Bars, Wash stations, Fireplace Surround, Bathroom walls, Kitchen, Bathroom Vanity Countertops, and also The Calacatta Grey Quartzite Stone is suitable for Wall Background Cladding applications.

Super White Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone


1-Brazilian Grey Quartzite-Super White Basic Information

Super White Quartzite is an increasingly more famous style amongst householders and indoor designers. With its durability, ease of maintenance, elegant appearance, and state-of-the-art marble look, Super White Calacatta Quartzite is an ideal preference for a kitchen countertop. Super White is quartzite or, as some geologists name it, dolomitic marble. White quartzite stone is a hard, non-foliated metamorphic rock that used to be in the beginning pure quartz sandstone. Sandstone is transformed into quartzite via heating and stress normally associated with tectonic compression inside orogenic belts.

Product name Super White Calacatta Quartzite
slabs 600up*1800up*20-30mm
 Tile 305*305mm(12”*12”)
Thickness Available 12, 15, 18, 20, 25, 30mm
Cut-to-size 400*400mm, 600*600mm, 800*800mm, or Other Sizes
MOQ 100 SQM per color
Lead Time 7 to 45 days depending on the order

2-Super White Brazilian Quartzite Slabs

Super White Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

Super White Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

3-FAQ: What’s the distinction between super white quartzite and granite?

Quartzite is used to make Super White countertops. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed by the combination of quartz and sandstone under high heat and pressure. Quartzite is tougher than granite after it cools. Granite, on the other hand, is an igneous rock composed of quartz and feldspar. Granite is a more naturally occurring rock than quartzite. Quartzite and granite both offer desired properties such as resistance to severe temperatures, chemicals, and etching. However, you must still seal these surfaces to avoid stains and scratches.

The recrystallized quartz in quartzite and granite creates beautiful veins and colors. Quartzite comes in lighter colors, such as pure white. Granite can be white, but the darker hues frequently dominate the color. If you love the aesthetic of a marble-like countertop, you should consider quartzite, particularly Super White.

4: Factory and Warehouses of Grey Calacatta Quartzite

Super White Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone