Silk Road Luxury Stone Wall Decor

Surface Finishing:Polished
Stone Form:Slab
Stone Name:Silk road
Type:Semi precious
Feature:manufacturer/ supplier
Size:as required


Each piece of luxury stone has a strong cultural atmosphere and unique artistic temperament, which can greatly improve the cultural taste of the hotel, which is also different from the general luxury stone

The location of high-grade stone. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the positioning and style of the hotel as a whole, and seek to reach an internal agreement with Luxushi, so that they complement each other.

The characteristics of luxury stone:

1. Naturally cherished material: It is different from high-grade stone. Although it is really expensive, it can be mass-produced. The biggest feature of luxury stone is that it cannot be mass-produced, because its quality has reached the level of gems and jade, and at the same time it has to reach stone painting and architecture. The volume of stone, therefore, determines the nature of the scarcity of luxury stone, which is the top variety in cultural stone. (For example: many plates are in rare colors and contain precious and semi-precious stones; top Akha coral ornaments, fine jade carving murals)

2. Uniqueness: The colors are rich and diverse, and the textures are ever-changing, but each product is unique. Whether the product texture can be maximized depends on the hardcore stone master’s accurate grasp of the internal characteristics and texture direction of the luxury stone raw materials , Depends on the top designer’s precise grasp of the cutting design and cutting angle, but also on the fine crafting of the hand-cutting by the excellent stone craftsmen.

3. High collection value: Because the products are unique and rare, the collection value is very high.

4. High processing difficulty and not easy to imitate: Because the varieties are high-end and rare materials, coupled with unique design, it is difficult to process from the perspective of material and design, and it is not easy to be imitated.



Silk road luxury stone wall decor




Tiles available: 600x600mm / 600x900mm or custom size

Slabs available: 2440*1220


Used for wall cladding, indoor decoration, countertop




Seaworthy wooden crate, pallet

Payment terms

30% by T/T in advance, balance by T/T before shipment

Quality Assurance : During the whole production   process, from material choosing, fabrication to package, our quality assurance   people will strictly control each single and every process to ensure quality   standards and punctual delivery

Silk Road Luxury Stone Wall Decor - luxury-stone

Wall cladding

Silk Road Luxury Stone Wall Decor - luxury-stone

Silk road

Silk Road Luxury Stone Wall Decor - luxury-stone

Luxury stone