Python Black Granite Slab

Subtle patterned stripes punctuate the granite python black smooth finish in white and gray to bring a clean look and modern feel to any project. Originally from Brazil, this black granite is ideal for monuments, fountains, and other exterior work and is versatile enough to fit countertops, walls, and most home decor.

Granite Color: Granite Python Black, Black Mamba Granite, Nevada Black Granite

Random Slabs: 3200upx1900up, 2800upx1700up, 2600upx1400up

Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm

Surface: Polished, Honed, Leathered

MOQ: 100 SQM

Black Granite Factory: Perfect Stone

Application: Interior & Exterior Decoration, building with Cut-to-Size Tiles, Countertops, Stairs, and Columns

Payment: 30% deposit by T/T, 70% balance against shipping docs.

Luxury Granite Python Black Honed Random Slabs 

Perfect Stone launches a new Brazilian luxury black granite random slabs for any construction building project- Python Black Granite. Cinereal streams of gray strokes dance across this chic granite in an ensemble of naturally orchestrated beauty. Like its undulating silhouette rising from the surface of magma, Granite Python Black’s natural qualities exude an elegance that complements contemporary interiors, evoking a blend of luxury and sophistication. Python Black Brazilian Granite is a unique and ancient stone that reflects the endless beauty of Mother Nature.

Python Black Granite Slab - luxury-stone

-Python Black Granite | Nevada Black Granite | Black Mamba Granite-Perfect Stone Granite Collection 

Python Black Honed Granite Slab’s beautiful pattern vividly reinterprets the shape of the python skin, adding a sophisticated, wild, and charming touch to any setting. Light, flowing, and chaotic strokes emerge from a uniform black background, giving this stunning black granite its dynamism. This natural stone from Perfect Stone’s Exclusive collection is ideal for exterior construction and interior applications thanks to its exquisite properties.

Luxury Black Granite Size Details


Black Granite Standard Sizes by Perfect Stone
Common sizes
1800(up) x 600(up)mm
2400(up) x 600(up)mm etc
15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc
305 x 305mm or 12″ x 12″
400 x 400mm or 16″ x 16″
457 x 457mm or 18″ x 18″
600 x 600mm or 24″ x 24″ etc
10mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc
96″ x 26″, 76″x36″, 98″x26″, 108″ x 26″
3/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″
Vanity Tops
25″x22″, 31″x22″, 37″x22″, 49″x22″, 60″ x22″
3/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″

Usages, Surface and Edges Profiles of Black Granite 

Product Name
Absolute Black Granite Slabs Price, Black Granite
Surface Finish
Polished, Honed, Antique, Acid-wash, Mushroom, Water-repellent, Flamed, etc.
Edge Style
bull nose, ogee, beef, eased, polish, etc
For internal and external decoration and construction.
wall panel, floor tile, stairs, paving, wall cladding, countertop, and vanity are available.
Edge processing
Machine cutting, round edge, etc
1. Tiles & cuts to size in Fumigated wooden crates. inside will be covered by foamed plastics (polystyrene).
2. Slab in a fumigated wooden bundle.
Payment terms
T/T, L/C, Western Union
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Python Black Granite Slab - luxury-stone   Python Black Granite Slab - luxury-stone

Python Black Granite Slab - luxury-stone   Python Black Granite Slab - luxury-stone

Black Mamba Granite Slabs( Python Black) is a beautifully textured stone with rich blacks and bright whites. Unlike many shades of gray, black does not fade over time. The pattern is based on the skin of a python, with beautiful lines blending into his striking animal canvas. The whimsical pattern is unique on every Python Black Leathered Granite Slab and the result is individual and beautiful. Perfect for a dark finish with an interesting design.

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Python Black Granite Slab - luxury-stone

Python Black Granite Tile is the ideal way to play with light and space. The Interior high-end or luxury decoration projects a space full of sophisticated originality with a single material. This beautiful and durable black granite is ideal for kitchen countertops, indoor and outdoor floors, and other living spaces. Featuring deep, rich hues and a touch of texture, Nevada Black Granite Slab is unbeatable when it comes to creating spaces with a premium feel and look.

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Python Black Granite Slab - luxury-stone

Perfect Stone is a resource company that offers top solutions to those seeking high-standard natural black granite stones and natural marble tiles. We offer an exceptional selection of marble, onyx, semi-precious stone, tiles, Artificial stone, and other exotic and exclusive materials directly imported from different parts of the world.

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Python Black Granite Slab - luxury-stone