Pure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top

Pure white quartz is a very hard material that is white in color. Pure white quartz is easy to maintain and requires no more routine maintenance and year-round sealing.
Perfect Stone has shared with us some of the best-selling quartz vanity top options that could be perfect for your home decor. Pure White Quartz is the purest, cleanest, densest white available. This color meets the ongoing demand for “new” whites and combines modern style with durability.
Material: Pure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Countertops
Sink: Single Rectangular Under Amount Designs
Faucet Hole: One
Size: 22″x 25″, 22″x 31″, 22″x 37″, 22″x 49″, 22″x 61″, 22″x 73″
Thickness: 20mm, 30mm, 20+20mm
Surface: Polished
MOQ: 50 Sets
Quartz Brand: Perfect Stone
Application: Home, Hotel, Villa, Residence Bathroom Projects

Pure White Artifical Quartz Bathroom Countertops

The Engineered Pure White Quartz Bathroom vanity top is the perfect combination of natural and man-made materials that stand the test of time. Even in the busiest environments, quartz vanity tops’ high-strength materials provide easy, hassle-free maintenance. 

Pure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top - quartz-slabThe Pure White Quartz Vanity Top is stain-resistant, moisture-resistant, and easy to maintain, and comes in a variety of unique finishes so you can get the perfect bathroom look.

Pure white quartz is timeless and never out of trend, and has become a popular color choice for many kitchen and bathroom remodels. Homeowners and interior designers are starting to see the benefits of having a White Vanity Quartz Top. Because quartz stone has many good qualities, it is an attractive alternative to natural stone.

Engineered Pure White Quartz Bathroom Countertop is the most suitable hard surface material for your bathroom countertops (or called vanity tops), as it’s non-porous with zero water absorption. The wide range and variety of quartz bathroom countertops offer the homeowner plenty of choices to design a truly unique bathroom, with different marble veins or colors. The Pure White Quartz Vanity Countertops can be good choices in the bathroom’s more forgiving environment.

For Many Houses and Hotel Bathroom Projects, Single Sink or Double Sinks Quartz Vanity Tops are free to choose. It’s very common to have single or double-sink vanity countertops. But Undermount Sink designs will help you to save time and make your daily life clean. Rectangular Undermount Designs are a popular choice for any residence and commercial building quartz bathroom countertop projects. 

1-Quartz Bathroom Countertop Basin Sizes 


Model Number Pure White Quartz Countertops For Bathroom Projects
Raw Material  93% Natural Quartz Powder +7% Resin 
Categories Quartz Vanity Top
Application For building decoration, like interior floor, kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity top, service counter, etc.
Popular color Black, gold, brown, white, grey, etc
Edge finishing option Eased, ogee, bullnose, laminated bullnose, etc
Common Sizes Slabs Size  3000*1400mm


Customized size, etc

Thickness  18mm, 20mm, 30mm, etc
Vanity Top Size 25″×22″, 31″×22″, 37”×22″, 49”×22” 60”×22”, etc
Thickness  3/4″, 3/8″, 1/2”
Countertop Size  96″×26″, 96″×36″

108” ×26″, 108″×36″, 98″×37 or project size, etc

Thickness   3/4″, 3/8″, 1/2”
Payment terms T/T, L/C 30% deposit, 70% paid before shipping CD  
Delivery time 15 ~20 days after the order was confirmed


A permanent stain on a vanity top that I’ll have to look at for the rest of my life would drive me crazy. Having said that, since a quartz vanity top has only 0.03% water absorption, I think a white vanity top is an excellent choice for bathrooms. 

2-Bathroom Countertops in Pure White Quartz

Our pure white quartz vanity top is one of the purest whites and holds up well despite a few makeup stains. And bathrooms aren’t as prone to alcohol or acid spills as kitchens.

Ultimately, there are many things to consider when deciding on a pure white quartz bathroom vanity top. Knowing what you’ll love and be able to use in your life for years will help you feel comfortable when making your final decision.

Pure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top - quartz-slabPure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top - quartz-slab

Pure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top - quartz-slabPure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top - quartz-slab

A variety of style sizes in Engineered Quartz is available, some of which are nearly indistinguishable from natural stone slabs. These Quartz Stone Bathroom countertops are often sold with integrated sink basins built into them.

3-The Features of Quartz Vanity Tops

Pure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top - quartz-slab

1. Quartz vanity top naturally acts as an antibacterial. It’s an excellent alternative for bathroom and kitchen countertops because bacteria and viruses can’t replicate on its non-porous surface.
2. Long-lasting durability: quartz vanity tops are among the strongest countertop materials and can easily survive a lifetime of wear and strain.
3. Quartz stone is recyclable, making it (kind of) environmentally friendly. Compared to the mining of natural stone, quartz mining has a lower impact on the environment. However, there is always a negative influence on our ecosystem from mining in general.
4. Low Maintenance; quartz is non-porous, thus sealing is not required.

No matter whatever quartz colors you want to apply to your bathroom countertops, Perfect Stone provides wide Quartz Collections for your choice. If you want bright colors for your bathroom, especially for small spaces, the White Quartz Bathroom Countertops and Marble Look Quartz Countertops are your directions to consider.

Pure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top - quartz-slab

4-Artifical Pure White Quartz Bathroom Countertop Factory

Perfect Stone is a professional engaged in the research, development, sale, and service of quartz stone slabs, artificial stone, terrazzo, and new building materials . In addition, we have obtained ISO and NSF certificates. Our products are also exported to clients in such countries and regions as American, Canada, South America, and South Africa. Whether selecting a current product from our catalog or seeking engineering assistance for your application, you can talk to our customer service center about your sourcing requirements.

Pure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top - quartz-slab



























Pure White Quartz Bathroom Vanity Top - quartz-slab