Pineapple Granite Gate Posts

Material:Light grey granite
Item:G603 granite

Product Introduction

Granite gatepost is a structure used to support gates or crossbars which control entry to an area, such as a field or driveway.

There are many surface processing methods for veneer stone, in addition to sawing, there are: natural surface, axe surface, polished (mirror surface), matte, fired surface, litchi surface, sandblasted surface, machine planed surface, water spray, water wash , Pickling (antique), shot blasting, longan noodles, pineapple noodles, mushroom noodles and so on. The same kind of stone processing method has different effects. Not every kind of stone can be processed in every way, because of the different characteristics of the stone itself, different processing methods can be selected. As for the scope of application, it is constantly changing due to factors such as material design and actual physical and chemical properties.

Pineapple granite gate posts are a kind of granite surface treatment method that is hit on the stone surface with a chisel and hammer to form a plate that looks like a pineapple skin. Pineapple noodles are rougher than lychee noodles and longan noodles. It can be divided into two types: coarse pineapple noodles and fine pineapple noodles. The thickness of pineapple facing stone has strict requirements. Generally speaking, granite slabs less than 2.5 cm are not suitable for pineapple surface.

Pineapple granite is generally used for outdoor walls, floors, cylindrical surfaces, special-shaped stones, square tiles, etc.

Product Name
Pineapple granite gate posts


Available in different sizes according to your requirements.

Outdoor, Landscape, Construction building material, Patio, Garden, Paving Stone etc.
Surface finishing
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Pineapple Granite Gate Posts - kerb-stone

Pineapple Granite Gate Posts - kerb-stone

Pineapple Granite Gate Posts - kerb-stone