Marble Mosaic Wall Tiles Polish for Villa

Polished surface with superior Thassos White Marble clarity. With a brilliant shine and light-capturing capabilities, polished White Marble Thassos Mosaic Tile is the perfect accent for design projects for indoor countertops, kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, and accent walls.


Thassos White Marble Hexagon Mosaic Wall Tiles

Thassos Marble is a typical pure white marble found in Greece. Marble Mosaic Wall Tiles Polish for Villa, including, and especially suited for exterior, interior wall, and floor applications, while then our Thassos Marble is also good for sculptures, countertops, fountains, pool and wall capping and other design projects. Thassos Marble is also known as Thassos Crystal Marble, White Thassos Marble, and Greece Thassos Marble.
Before being firmly stacked in large wooden structures, Thassos Marble Mosaic Tiles are initially packaged into cardboard boxes. In addition to adding more padding, the cardboard used to hold the mosaic tiles also minimizes friction. Finally, hardwood crates are laminated for water resistance using thick polythene sheets.

Thassos White Marble Mosaic Tile is excellent and perfect for use in any interior/exterior (residential or commercial) project (e.g. kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower floor or wall, pool surround, spa, fountain, barbecue, etc.).

Natural Marble Mosaic Hexagon Tiles Photos

Marble Mosaic Wall Tiles Polish for Villa - mosaicsMarble Mosaic Wall Tiles Polish for Villa - mosaics

Marble Mosaic Wall Tiles Polish for Villa - mosaicsMarble Mosaic Wall Tiles Polish for Villa - mosaics

Marble Mosaic Standard Sizes Information

Product Name

Villa Interior Wall Project in Thassos White Marble Mosaic Tiles

Chip Size:


Sheet Size:


Color Available

Thassos Marble, Pure White Marble


1 Pallet per item


Mesh / Net, Paper, Glue Point


Polished, Honed is the Best


First Choice, Grade AAA

Usage of Marble Mosaic

Floor /Wall (Hotel, House, Super Market, TV background, Interior, Exterior, indoor & outdoor wall and floor decoration, household, decorated bathrooms, background wall, building exterior, out the floor, swimming pools and kitchens, etc.


Carton Box and Pallet



Customize Design


Trade Terms


Natural Marble Wall Mosaic Tiles Packages

Marble Mosaic Wall Tiles Polish for Villa - mosaics

Interior Packing: Nice Design Carton Boxes
Outside Packing: Fumigated Export Wooden Crates

Marble Mosaic Wall Tiles Polish for Villa - mosaics

FAQ: Why Choose Marble Mosaic for your bathroom floor and wall application?

Natural Marble Mosaic Tiles provided by Perfect stone will make your home more beautiful.

When deciding on a tile, attractiveness will be a big consideration. The tile you’re looking for must be aesthetically pleasing to you.

Marble mosaic tile has a distinct appeal. Its beauty stems from its gleaming surface, which draws attention to the tile’s shape and pattern. We should point out that the colors and models of this tile are really diverse.

Furthermore, this tile is compatible with a variety of decoration styles. You will not be limited in your enjoyment of its beauty this way. These tiles’ patterns and geometric shapes complement the frames of many different decoration styles.

Color and model variety are also important factors in defining the level of beauty, and beauty is different in people’s ideas. Therefore, marble mosaic tiles should be able to cover all tastes by offering different models.