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This magnificent Gascogne Beige limestone has pink undertones and is a lovely mid-beige. It can also be found in Portuguese quarries under the name Beige Moleanos Limestone. It has a thin to medium gain and a pattern that is often consistent.
Material: Gascoigne Beige Limestone Slabs
Surface: Honed, Bushhamered, Flamed, Antique
Slab Size: 2800 x 1800mm, 2800 x 1600mm, 2600 x 1600mm, 2500 x 1500mm, 2400 x 1400mm, 2400 x 1200mm
Tile: 305 x 305mm, 305 x 610mm, 610 x 610mm, etc.
Project Cut-to-size: 300 x 300mm, 300 x 600mm, 600 x 600mm, etc.
MOQ: 100 SQM
Factory: Perfect Stone
Application: Interior and exterior residential or commercial floor, wall cladding

Honed Gascogne Beige Limestone Slabs 

As a reminder of its development over millions of years, Gascogne Beige Honed Limestone is primarily distinguished by the appearance of microscopic shells and fossils that may be observed sprinkled throughout the stone. Although there isn’t much in the way of veining, the stone does have a faint mottle effect, which only enhances its inherent beauty.
Home Decoration Beige Limestone Marble - marble-slabsOne of the most popular types of stones, both domestically and outside, is this one. The Gascogne beige limestone, which originates from the foothills of the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park, is distinguished for offering several variations that are tailored to all preferences and surroundings. This Gascogne Limestone Slab, which is also referred to as a variety of Moleanos shelly, is well renowned throughout the world for showcasing the diversity and utilizing durability in the stone industry. This form of beige limestone, which has a compact look, incorporates vintage, which is an alignment of medium-sized brownish grains and fossils. It is advised for internal flooring as well as external or interior cladding.

1-Beige Limestone Specifications 

Product Name Wholesale exterior wall beige cream limestone slab
Materials Natural limestone
Colour beige cream
Thickness 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, or customized
Slab sizes 1800upx600mm; 1800upx650mm; 1800upx700mm etc
2400upx600mm; 2400upx650mm; 2400upx700mm etc
Tile sizes 300x300mm; 600x600mm; 450x450mm etc

Polished, honed, customized, etc

Edge processing Machine cutting, round edge, etc
Packing Seaworthy wooden crate, pallet

Limestone has been a building and decorative material for thousands of years. Natural in color and movement, Limestone tile is favored by architects and designers for interior and exterior floors, walls, and cladding.

2-Beige Limestone Slab Photos by Perfect Stone

Home Decoration Beige Limestone Marble - marble-slabs

Home Decoration Beige Limestone Marble - marble-slabs

Home Decoration Beige Limestone Marble - marble-slabs

3-Different Surface of Limestone for Project Applications
Polished Honed Brushed
Abrasive treatments with repeated applications result in a shiny surface, highlighting the color and properties of the natural stone. A honed finish is identical to a polished finish, the surface is smooth but without glare or light reflections. Abrasive brushes under high pressure generate a touch-sensitive and smooth surface of natural stone.
Bushammered Sandblasted Splitted
Hitting the material, with a masonry tool called a bush hammer, generates uniformly distributed craters of different sizes over the surface of natural stone. Blasting silica sand against the material through an air gun generates very small craters. Splitting stone either by hand or by machine so that the surface exhibits a natural quarry texture.
4-Packages of Limestone Tiles
Home Decoration Beige Limestone Marble - marble-slabs

Package Detail

1) Slab: plastic inside + strong seaworthy wooden bundle outside

2) Tile: foam inside + strong seaworthy wooden crates with reinforced straps outside