Crystal White Granite Kitchen Countertop

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Port: China
Payment: L/C, Deposit 30%,balance T/T paid before ship
Color: White&Grey
Lead Time: 15-20days once comfirmed the order
Brand: Perfect Stone

Product Introduction

Crystal White Granite Kitchen Countertop 

Product Parameters:

Products Natural Granite Countertop&Vanity Top


Kitchen countertop and bathroom vanity top


White Granite 

Regular Size

25*22 31*22 37*22 43*22 49*22 etc.


100 Set

Finish Way

Polished Edge


Wood Crates Packing

Delivery time

15 ~20 days after order confirmed

Payment Terms

T/T,30% deposit, 70% paid before shipping

I think everyone will see many different types of countertops in their lives, but what kind of countertops are liked? I don’t know if you have used granite countertops. The following stone manufacturers will talk about granite countertops.


Synthetic quartz countertops, as the name suggests, are artificial countertops, but do you know what its material is? It is a combination of natural ore powder, masterbatch and acrylic resin, and then processed by high temperature and high pressure. This board is also called a polymer solid board. Many friends feel even more disgusted when they see “man-made”. In fact, European quartz countertops are more resistant to wear, high temperature, impact, pressure and penetration. More colors, strong anti-pollution ability. The disadvantage is that it looks fake, the texture is fake, and the price is not cheap.


Advantages: As a traditional cabinet countertop material, granite has high density, high hardness and a very wear-resistant surface, which can reduce the possibility of dirt to a certain extent. Tests have shown that granite is more resistant to bacterial regeneration among all materials that can be used for kitchen countertops.


Disadvantages: It has the limitations of natural materials.


The length of natural stone is usually not long, so if you want to make a long overall countertop, there will be seams, which can easily hide dirt. If you really like natural materials, granite has strong antibacterial ability is an ideal choice, but pay special attention to the seam level of your chosen stone manufacturer

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