Blue Onyx Stone Slab For Interior Decoration

Blue Luxurious and Backlit Onyx marble are amongst the most popular stones that entail a strong, vibrant color gamut and fine finesse. Featuring a bold sky blue background base with orange, white, and soft yellow veins, patterns and textures that resemble flames of fire, the light blue color or deep blue color of Natural Onyx provides a stunning ignited appeal to the entire décor, adding a stylish yet beautiful touch to the overall appearance.
Material: Blue Onyx Marble Stone
Size: 240upx120up, 170upx270up,
Thickness of 1.6cm, 1.8cm, 2 cm, 3 cm, etc.
Surface: High Polished
Onyx Factory: Perfect Stone
Applications: Widely used in home, hotels, restaurants,plazas, commercial and residential buildings, etc

Luxurious Blue Onyx Marble Polished Slabs


The Blue Onyx Stone is a kind of marble. Generally speaking, the beautiful stone that is naturally generated and processed to become fine and smooth, with Blue Onyx Stone Slab For Interior Decoration - onyx-stonebright colors, tough texture, and stable chemical properties can be classified as onyx stone. Because of its high hardness and high processing cost, the Natural Blue Onyx was rarely used in the field of decorative stone in the past, but with the advancement of processing tools in recent years, processing these high-hardness materials has become a piece of cake. Therefore, the onyx stone becomes more and more popular as a high-end decoration material.


This Blue Onyx Marble has a blue background and a golden texture. The material is as fine as jade, lustrous and moist, and looks like high-end luxury. Blue Onyx Stone is now widely used in interior decoration, such as walls, bathroom countertops, bar countertops, waterjet mosaics, etc.

Blue Onyx Marble Slab is the choice for dazzling spaces with its striking patterns and color. The translucent form also makes various applications possible. One of the most popular stones, blue onyx has a wide range of intense, brilliant colors and great refinement. With a strong sky blue background base and orange, white, and soft yellow veins, patterns, and texture simulating flames of fire, this décor adds a chic yet lovely touch to the overall appearance.

1-Specifications of Blue Onyx Marble 

The phrases that best describe our translucent uncommon collection of onyx are exuberant and flamboyant. Here is your choice for a classy overall appearance!

With the perfect amount of elegance and style, Onyx Marble can elevate the appearance of any place. With onyx marble stone, a smooth and reflective basis to freshen up the room is simple to achieve.

Product name
Blue Onyx Marble Slab
1)Big slab: 2400 upx1200up mm,
thickness 1.6cm, 1.8cm, 2.0cm.
2)Stair Step: 100-150×30-35×2/3cm
Riser: 100-150×12-17×2/3cm 3)
Tiles: 60×60,30×30.40×40
Quality details:
1) Polished degree: 95 degrees or up.
2) Thickness tolerance: +/-0.5mm.
3) Diagonal tolerance: +/-1mm.
4) Surface flatness tolerance: +/-0.3mm.
5) Adjacent edge verticality tolerance: +/-0.5mm,
Precise Cutting by an infrared-ray-cut machine
Full Bullnose, Half bullnose, Flat eased (eased edge), Bevel top, Radius Top, Laminated Countertop, Ogee Edge, DuPont, Edge, Beveled, or others.
Surface Finish:
Polished, flamed, honed, bush hammered, sandblast, chisselled.
For internal & external decoration and construction, walls or flooring tile, or slab, top or kitchen countertops are available.
T/T 30% deposit


2-Luxurious Onyx Marble Slabs from Perfect Stone

Blue Onyx Stone Slab For Interior Decoration - onyx-stone  Blue Onyx Stone Slab For Interior Decoration - onyx-stone Blue Onyx Stone Slab For Interior Decoration - onyx-stoneBlue Onyx Stone Slab For Interior Decoration - onyx-stone


3-The Advantages and Applications of Onyx Marble 

Blue Onyx Stone Slab For Interior Decoration - onyx-stone   Blue Onyx Stone Slab For Interior Decoration - onyx-stone

Onyx Stone Tiles can be installed in any interior space.

3.1 Benefits of Natural Onyx Marble

Lighting Effect: The marble emits light from the inside out, giving it a distinctive backlight aspect that is elegant.

Looks: You have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to colors, patterns, and tones, which makes it uncommon and exotic. As a result, Onyx Marble is the best option if beauty and originality are your goals.

Value: The glorious appeal of Onyx Marble multiplies the value of the property.

Onyx is easily cleaned with a mild cleanser, such as dish soap, making maintenance simple and affordable.

Lifespan: Onyx marble texture and Shine can endure up to a century if properly cared for. Therefore, there is no need to periodically replace or update.

3.2 Applications of Natural Onyx Marble 

Onyx Marble has a touchable, smooth texture. It is perfect for any residence’s interior decorating needs or commercial projects.
Onyx Marble stone can be used on both exterior and interior applications. Specific areas where you could use this product are:

kitchen backsplashes and floors

shower walls and floors

Living Room walls and floors

Hallway walls and floors 

For Commercial Building Projects, Like Hote, VIP Restaurants, Clubs, and SPA, perfect to use onyx stone in lobby floors, wall cladding, stairs, and columns designs.

4-The Packages of Onyx Stone 

Blue Onyx Stone Slab For Interior Decoration - onyx-stone

Lined with plastic film, then in strong wooden bundles reaching European standard with a Fumigation certificate available.

Perfect Stone has some of the exclusive choices at the competitive Onyx marble price in China. We deal in supreme quality marbles powered by our precision-led technology. If you wish to transform your space with an elegant mix of simplicity and class, contact Perfect Stone anytime you like.