Amethyst Semi Precious Stone

Luxurious and backlit designs in Amethyst Crystal Stone Jumbo Slabs are manufactured by gluing a lot of smaller Amethyst Stone Slabs together. The result is striking, large semi-precious slabs that can be backlit thanks to the transparency of the gems. This purple semiprecious stone is a very rare, unique, and luxurious product.
Material: Amethyst Gemstone Polished Slabs
Size: 55″ x 110″ , 1220*2440mm,Customized
Thickness: 2cm, 3 cm
Surface: Polished
Semiprecious Stone Supplier: Perfect Stone
MOQ: 1 PC slab, or based on your requirements.
Applications of Amethyst Stone: floor, wall decoration, countertop, table top

Amethyst Semi Precious Polished and Backlit Slabs


Purple Amethyst Stone is the world’s most popular purple gemstone. It is the purple color variety of quartz and has been used in personal adornment for over 2000 years. It is the birthstone of February and an important New Age gem. Amethyst is used to produce faceted Amethyst Semi Precious Stone - luxury-stonestones, cabochons, beads, tumbled stones, and many other items for jewelry and ornamental use.

Amethyst has a Mohs hardness of 7 and does not break by cleavage. It is a gem that is durable enough for use in rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and other types of jewelry. Enormous deposits of amethyst in South America and Africa provide enough material to keep amethyst’s price low enough that most people can easily afford it.

Perfect Stone manufactures and exports resin-bonded amethyst stone slabs in the form of sizes. Amethyst Precious Gemstone Slab elegantly distinctively capabilities deep red and violet hues, making it best for each both conventional and current decor. The translucent Amethyst Semi Precious Stone Slab will complement your creative ideas and could be used for kitchen space, kitchen countertops, backsplash, vanity tops, bar counters, etc.

Amethyst Quartz Slabs’ color is unparalleled, and even other, more expensive purple gemstones are often compared to its color and beauty. Although Purple Amethyst Slabs must always be purple to be amethyst, they can and do have a wide range of purple shades.

Amethyst is a very powerful and defensive stone with an elevated spiritual vibration, uses high-quality amethyst, and is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality amethyst gemstone slabs. Our pioneering and knowledgeable team is dedicated to processing jewelry-quality amethyst into beautiful amethyst slabs to decorate your home and interiors.


1-Amethyst Gemstone Slabs and Tiles Size Information 


Product Name

Luxury Backlit Purple Agate Slab For Decoration



Semi Precious Stone







Slabs available

2440X 1220mm (thickness 0.5cm agate +1.5cm glass)

2440X 1220mm (thickness 2cm agate)

Tiles size available

other as customized



Used for flooring, wall background, countertop, sink, etc.






Seaworthy wooden crate, pallet


Payment Terms

30% by T/T in advance, balance by T/T before shipment


2-Jumbo Amethyst Stone Slabs Photos

Amethyst Semi Precious Stone - luxury-stone  Amethyst Semi Precious Stone - luxury-stone

Amethyst Semi Precious Stone - luxury-stone  Amethyst Semi Precious Stone - luxury-stone


3-Amethyst Crystal Semi-Precious Stone Interior Designs

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we offer a variety of precious and semi-precious stones that can be worn on any occasion, regardless of age. With a team of experienced and creative craftsmen, we understand your needs and work efficiently to meet your specifications. We maintain consistency when shipping products in bulk. We offer the lowest prices for our employees. With us, you can turn your ideas and visions into reality and capture the attention of your friends.

Amethyst Semi Precious Stone - luxury-stone

Hypnotic Glowing Effect-Backlit Amethyst Quartz Slabs create a hypnotic glowing effect.

Amethyst Semi Precious Stone - luxury-stone  Amethyst Semi Precious Stone - luxury-stone

Glamorous luxury with Purple Amethyst Gemstone, Ideal for any interior application, backlit or unlit. Amethyst will grace your space with pure luxury.


4-Semi-precious Amethyst Gemstone Slabs and Countertop Factory 

Amethyst Semi Precious Stone - luxury-stone

Perfect Stone offers the best quality resin-bonded amethyst semi-precious stone slab prepared using the highest quality of amethyst purple quartz. Our amethyst stone backlit slabs are crafted using the best semiprecious stones and come with a guarantee for the finest craftsmanship and quality.