White Wood Marble With Vein

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Product Introduction

The white wood marble become more and more populare in recently years, When you are going to choose natural marble for your home decorating ,white marble is always a good option with it's beautiful white color and vein,however,now you get one more option ,the white wood marble price is very reasonable among the white marble, it also have very beatutiful outlook. 

White wood grain-produced in Guizhou, China, also known as Guizhou wood grain, Guizhou white wood grain, is Chinese natural marble. It is famous for its characteristics of "natural wood grain, elegant color, large plate volume", and is known as the representative of Qiandi wood grain stone.

The most valuable of Guizhou wood grain is natural wood grain, non-radiation, stable color, clear, beautiful, gray and white, elegant and noble. It is a good stone for architectural decoration, handicrafts, plaques, reliefs, etc. It has a high Its economic value is very popular with customers.

You can get the  marble with  cut to size  ,slabs,countertops ,vanity top,tiles,table tops ,.with safe exporte packing ,we gurantee the good quality with safe packing.

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