White Sandstone For Home Decoration

1、Product Name: White Sandstone Cut to Size
2、Place of Origin: China
3、Brand Name: Perfect Stone
4、Color: White
5、Samples: Free
6、Stone Form: Cut to size / Slab / Tile
7、Size/Thickness: AS Customer’s Requirement
8、MOQ: 100 Square Meters / Pieces


White Sandstone Cut to Size

Sandstone has sound insulation, moisture absorption, damage resistance, outdoor not weathering, water does not melt, do not grow moss, easy to clean and so on.  At the same time, it is also a kind of light pollution, no radiation of high-quality natural stone, no radioactive harm to the human body.

White sandstone shows simple but elegant, sweet in adornment, do not break again the adornment style of a kind of warm color that showily atmosphere moves, according to the characteristic of this kind of stone material, often use at interior and exterior metope adornment, furniture, sculpture artwork, garden builds use makings.

High-quality sandstone, very compact in structure, even harder than granite.Sandstone is comparable to marble and granite in durability. Many of the buildings built of sandstone a century or two ago still have the charm and charm. The grain of arenaceous stone is even, quality of a material is exquisite, structure is loose, because this is bibbious rate is taller, have sound insulation, absorb moisture, resist damage, bear weathering, bear fading, water does not dissolve, do not have the characteristic such as radioactivity.

White sandstone is the most widely used stone by human beings. Its noble and elegant nature and environmental protection characteristics make it a wonderful flower in the history of architecture. This is reinforced by its simple installation and organic connection to other materials. The Louvre, decorated with white sandstone hundreds of years ago, the British Royal Palace, the United States Capitol, Harvard University, Notre Dame Cathedral and so on still have the charm and the classic.

Previously, white sandstone was very difficult to use for construction purposes, because the quarry’s cutting machines and processing machinery were relatively backward. In recent years, these conditions have been improved to provide customers with high quality products according to their color requirements with the highest level of expertise. White sandstone can be widely used.Some people even think, “it can be used for anything one can think of”.

Product Images

White Sandstone For Home Decoration - sand-stone

White Sandstone For Home Decoration - sand-stone

White Sandstone For Home Decoration - sand-stone

White Sandstone For Home Decoration - sand-stone

White Sandstone For Home Decoration - sand-stone

Product Description

Application Usage

Interior and exterior decoration in construction projects / excellent material for indoor decoration, widely used for wall, flooring tiles, staircase, Kitchen & Vanity, etc.

Available in different sizes for different purposes.



1.  Slab:width 120CM+ ,length240CM+),Thickness 2CM, 3CM,4 CM,5 CM, 6CM
2.  Tile:width*length: 35CM*35CM, 45.7CM*45.7CM, 60CM*30CM, 60CM*60CM, Thickness 1CM,1.5CM)
3.  Cut-to size (width*length 30CM*30CM, 40CM*40CM, 40CM*60CM, 80CM*80CM, Thickness 2CM,3CM)
4.  As per your request

Customized specification are also available.


Finished way:

Polished, Honed, Flamed, Bush Hammered, Chiseled, Natural Split, Sandblasted, Water Jet, etc


Straight Edges,  Bevel Single,  Bevel Double,  Round Single,  Round Top,  Ogg Round,  Half Bullnose,  Full Bullnose,  Double Bullnose,  1/2 Bevel,  1/4 Bevel Top, Ogee,  Double Ogee Bullnose,  Dupont,  Dupont Double etc, as per your request