White Nano for Kitchen Prefab

Port: China

Payment: L/C, T/T at sight

Color: White


Nano stone is becoming more and more popular for decoration.

Pure white nano is good for countertop, it’s hard and can instead of quartz stone.

White Nano for Kitchen Prefab - vanity-top

Nano vanity top

White Nano for Kitchen Prefab - vanity-top

Nano slab

White Nano for Kitchen Prefab - vanity-top

Nano tiles

Advantage of nano:

1. Super anti-fouling: the surface of the nano-panel is smooth and delicate, dust and oil are not easy to absorb, and easy to clean, so the nano-panel has good anti-fouling properties.

2. Super abrasion resistance: The abrasion resistance of the nano panel is more than 10 times stronger than that of general coatings, and it does not easily leave scratches.



3. Super antistatic: The contamination of dust is not only related to the particle size of the material, but also related to the effect of static electricity. Normal substances will generate static electricity under the action of electromagnetic fields. The status quo of static electricity is the result of contamination with dust. The nano panel eliminates static electricity and is not easy to adsorb dust particles.

4. The effect is super long lasting: many manufacturers are making anti-fouling efforts, some are mixing some fine particle materials in the coating, and some are spraying some gas on the surface. These methods are effective in the short term, but have no long-term effect, and will fail within a few months after exposure to light; while the nano-panel can be maintained for more than 15 years through high-temperature roll coating and short-wave baking.

It has excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and high weather resistance. The lacquer has a delicate and shiny texture, and the color is even and almost no color difference. The color selection is rich and diverse, and the product is bright and durable and easy to match. The surface is waterproof and oil resistant, easy to clean, and is the best choice for top kitchen and bathroom ceilings

White Nano for Kitchen Prefab - vanity-top