White Galaxy Marble Slab For Wall

The White Galaxy Marble is quarried out of Italy. This Italian Palissandro features a cream-white background with light brown and tan veining. When properly sealed, this material is perfect for any home or office.
Material: White Galaxy Marble, Palissandro Classico Marble
Slab Size: 2400upx1300up, 2600upx1500up, ect
Thickness: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
Surface: Antiqued, Bush-hammered, Honed, Polished, Rigato, Waterjet
MOQ: 100-300 SQM
Marble Factory: Perfect Stone
Packages: Plastic inside + strong seaworthy wooden bundle outside

White Galaxy Palissandro Marble Slab


White Galaxy Marble is one of the most popular white marble varieties in recent days. Because of its warm, smooth and delicate texture, its rich stripes gradually change like dancing ribbons. It is freely dynamic and beautiful without losing the rhythm. White Galaxy Marble Slab with various patterns are like running White Galaxy Marble Slab For Wall - marble-slabsclouds and flowing water. Pleasing to the eye and diversified colors can subtly transform monotonous and boring planes into three-dimensional visual art. It is romantic, free and unrestrained and is deeply loved by home consumers.

White Galaxy Marble is mainly produced in Italy, Burma, India, China Henan, and Yunnan. It has different origins and different colors. The texture of White Galaxy Marble in the same mine is also different in style. It may be magnificent or lightly water-like, or rough and majestic. It is also gentle and lingering. The texture of White Galaxy Marble can give people too much room for imagination. The rich texture and unexpected color composition make people never know what the textured scene will be in the next second.


Italy Palissandro Galaxy Marble can be described as a classic of Italian luxury brand marketing. It has been widely favored by domestic and foreign decoration companies, real estate contractors, and engineering companies. At present, there are a large number of high-end hotels, high-end clubs, villa projects, and home decoration applications. In future decoration, I believe it will be applied to more different scenes.

1-Specifications of Marble Slabs and Tiles

Italian Galaxy White Marble, from the valley of Lake Maggiore in the Alps, has a unique color and pattern. The base color is pure white, while the secondary colors are a combination of blue lake color, gravel brown, and some other striped colors. Its pattern resembles the waves of the sea, showing the sense of natural tolerance, and it has become a must-have material for modern minimalist / post-modern / mix and match / light luxury / fashion in the new stone category.

     Material Italy Palissandro classico marble, or Galaxy White Marble
    Model NO. BS-M000125
       Color White
       MON. 50 square meters for slab or tiles.
      Usage floor, wall, countertop, sink and basin, stairs, fireplace, stone carving handicraft, lines, door cover, windowsill, threshold, the line that play a base, wave lineup, etc.
     Finished Polished, honed, natural aplit, saw-cut, pineapple, bushhammered, machine pulled, water-jet, chiseled, sandblast.
Available sizes: 

Big slab: Length 220-270cm, width 140-180cm, thickness 1.5cm, 1.6cm, 1.8cm, 2cm, 3cm, 4cm;

tile: 30*30,60*60,60*30, thickness 1.5cm, etc; 

cut-to-size: 45*45, 80*80, etc. thickness 1.0-3.0cm;

stairs: (1100~1500)*(300~330)*20/30mm, (1100~1500)*(140~160)*20mm, etc;

countertop: 96″*36″, 96″*25″*1/2″, 78″*36″, 72″*36″, etc;

sink: 450*450*150mm, 420*420*150mm, 500*350*150mm, etc;

mosaic: 300*300*8mm, 457*457*8mm, 600*600*10mm, etc;

Any customized size is OK.Could do as per your request.

Quality Control Top quality. All products are checked by experienced QC before packing.


2-Polished Marble Slabs Photos of Palissandro Marble


White Galaxy Marble Slab For Wall - marble-slabsWhite Galaxy Marble Slab For Wall - marble-slabs

White Galaxy Marble Slab For Wall - marble-slabsWhite Galaxy Marble Slab For Wall - marble-slabs


3-Technical Parameters of Italian Galaxy White Marble 

Bulk density: 2.59gms/cm3 Water absorption rate: 0.13%
Surface porosity: 1.37% Compression strength: 1.557 kg/cm3
Bending strength: 146 kg/cm3 Wear test: 0.33 mm
Impact test: 23 cm Impact microstrength: 156 kg/mm2
Frozen loss weight: 0.00% Frozen compression strength: 1.349 kg/cm3
Italian Galaxy Marble: fine material, rich texture, soft, with very fine reflective dots, but the luminosity is around 60-70 degrees, physically stable, crystal organization is meticulous, more flash points, texture is soft and gentle.

4- Hot Natural Marble From Perfect Stone Factory

Marble is a normal hard stone with soft feeling with various colors and patterns that is why it is mostly used for flooring and interior wall cladding. It is smooth and if used outside it may stick to dust and other particles, hence it require a good care.

White Galaxy Marble Slab For Wall - marble-slabs