White Calacatta Artificial Quartz Slab

Calacatta Quartz Calacatta, with its characteristic thick gray veining, and the refined Calacatta Natural Marble Series, which has a more subtle and soft light gray veining. Either choice will give your space a clean and modern look. Unlike classic marble or granite, it does not need to be sealed, meaning it is easy to maintain. Due to this advantageous nature, this qualified white quartz surface is favorable for countertops, kitchens, backsplash. Also, Calacatta quartz bathrooms and kitchens are super good ideas.
Material: Artificial Calacatta White Quartz Stone
Slab: 126″x63″ (3200x1600mm), 118″x55″ (3000x1400mm), etc
Quartz Kitchen countertop Size: 96″x26″, 108”x26”
Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
MOQ: 100 SQM
Quartz Brand: Perfect Stone

Artificial Calacatta White Quartz Stone Slabs 

Perfect Stone has come up with this vast range of White Calacatta Artificial Quartz Slabs to help you uplift your kitchen aesthetics. One of the Artificial Quartz that can help you accomplish it all at once is calacatta quartz. With this stunning manufactured stone, you may enjoy all the benefits of real Calacatta marbles without any of its drawbacks. 

Any maker of quartz slabs can include White Calacatta Quartz in their range because it is a highly regarded countertop. Calacatta Quartz Slab has a soft ivory tone with strong, broad gray veining all over the background. Any style or kind of kitchen may readily complement a Calacatta quartz countertop with its gentle tones. Installing this quartz slab gives your kitchen area warmth and a striking feature.

White Calacatta Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

1-Calacatta Quartz Pros from Perfect Stone

As a building decoration material, quartz stone has become one of the widely used stones in home improvement due to its various performance advantages.

1. Characteristics of artificial quartz stone

(1) Good toughness;

(2) The porosity is low, and the plate has strong anti-fouling properties;

(3) High strength, the strength of pure quartz slab is even higher than that of granite;

(4) The raw materials of artificial quartz stone have been selected and pre-mixed, so that large-scale paving can be achieved without color difference, which is suitable for large-scale engineering use.


2-Applications of Artifical Quartz

2. Areas where Engineered quartz stone is used
Quartz stone has an aesthetic impact, a natural texture, a brilliant, comfortable color, and none of the deformation, fading, micropores, high density, or high hardness features. As a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, it now has a wider range of applications beyond only small-scale home decor. project. Artificial quartz stone slabs can be used for a variety of purposes, including

(1) walls, floors, elevator door covers, bathroom countertops, etc. in large shopping malls;

(2) walls, floors, bathrooms, exterior walls, etc. in office buildings (Beijing Olympic Village, China World Trade Center, etc.);

(3) walls, floors, bathroom floors, wash basin countertops, etc. in hospitals;

(4) walls, floors, exterior walls, etc. of stations, subway stations, etc.;

(5) walls, floors, interior walls;

(6) Wall and floor laying in hotels (6) Hotel walls, floor installation, bar counters, etc.


White Calacatta Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

3-Calacatta Quartz Sizes Details


More details about our artificial quartz:
Calacatta White Quartz
White with Grey Patterns
Surface Finish
Polished, Honed, Flamed, Flamed+Brushed, Bush Hammered, Acid, Leathered, Sand Blasted, Natural, etc
Kitchen countertop Size: 96″x26″, 108”x26”.
Island size: 72″x36″, 78″x36″, 83″x42″, 98″x39″.
Width for backsplashes: 2”,4”, 6”, according to your requirement. 
Vanity top Size: 661x610mm(26″x24″), 813x610mm(32″x24″), 915x610mm(36″x24″), 1067x610mm(42″x24″),
1220x610mm(48”x24”), 1423x610mm(56”x24”), 1677x610mm(66”x24”), 1830x610mm(72″x24″),
2110x610mm(83″x24″), 2438x610mm(96″x24″)etc. 
Width for back splashes: 2”, 4”, 6”, according to your requirement. 
Furniture Top Size: Customized Sizes are Available.
Slab:126″x63″ (3200x1600mm), 118″x55″(3000x1400mm)etc 
There is an extra 10-30mm in width and length, it is free of charge.
20mm, 30mm, 20+20mm, etc
Interior & Exterior Decoration
Quality Control
All Products Inspected by Experienced QC
Small trial orders are welcome
Free sample(10x10cm)

White Calacatta Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

4-Calacatta White Quartz Slabs and Countertops Factory


White Calacatta Artificial Quartz Slab - quartz-slab

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