​Volakas White Marble Slab

Volakas Marble is a magnesium carbonate-rich marble quarried in Northern Greece. The “Volakas White,” like the “Carrara Marble,” is a timeless piece. They are often used in luxurious buildings, buildings, and monuments to bring exquisite and unique beauty to the building.

Volakas Marble Slabs For Luxurious Building Projects

White Marble has always been a myth, especially Volakas marble, born in the Northern town of Volakas Greece. ​Volakas White Marble Slab​Volakas White Marble Slab is white dolomite marble with a white background and quiet in different features on the surface that diagonal vein structure ranging from light to thick, its vein colors of grey, pink purple or even brown, Volakas cloudy featuring grey and shadows, Volakas classic featuring in mosaic patterns that enjoy the dark blue and grey carvings, all features have been given too many meanings and has pure texture.

Volakas Polished Marble has good processability, sound insulation, and heat insulation. It can be further processed and applied as an excellent building decoration material, also very popular as a book-matched finish for accent walls. Its overall shape can be described as “modern fashion”, highlighting a master-level design style. Greek Volakas Marble is mainly used for high-grade interior decoration, components, table panels, washbasins, and sculptures.

The outstanding features of White Volakas Marble add beauty and a unique appeal that other stones do not have. This is also true of Volakas’ white stone. It is not only lovely, opulent, and sophisticated, but it also has some fantastic qualities. Because Marble Volakas is a natural stone generated during the formation of the earth’s crust, the rock’s strength is quite muscular. Buildings made of Volakas white stone have a long life and longevity. The stone can tolerate bumps due to its endurance and hardness. Construction in high-traffic areas will nevertheless maintain the quality and lifespan of Volakas white stone.

1-Specifications of Volakas Marble 

Stone Form

Blocks, Slabs, stairs, tiles, Countertop, etc

Surface Finishing


Polished, Honed, Flamed, Sandblasted, Bush hammered, etc.
Edge Available Full Bullnose, Half bullnose, Flat eased (eased edge), Bevel top, Ogg edge, etc.
Finished Products Slabs, Tiles, Window sills, Steps & Riser stairs, Kitchen countertops, etc.
Thickness Available as per customer’s specification
Quality Control Thickness tolerance for tile: +-0.5mm; +-1mm, +-1.5mm.ll products are checked by experienced QC and then packed.

Seaworthy fumigated strong wooden crates with fumigation certificate

Standard Sizes available

 Standard Sizes available


Standard sizes available
Tile 30*30,30.5*30.5,40*40,60*30,60*40,60*60cm,etc.
Stair 120*30*3,100-140*33*3,130*33/15*2cm etc.


220up*70-90up*1.7/1.8cm etc.

Countertop 96″ * 36″/25″/16″ * 1/2″, 78″ * 45″ * 11/4″, 48″ * 4″ * 3/4″ etc.
Paving stone 10*10*5,25*25*5cm etc.



2- Volakas Marble Warehouses 

​Volakas White Marble Slab - marble-slabs

​Volakas White Marble Slab - marble-slabs

​Volakas White Marble Slab - marble-slabs

3-The Advantages of Volakas Marble 

Greek Volakas White Marble is also resistant to high temperatures, has good heat retention, and has a cooling capability for the space. The Interior space will be cool all year if you choose Volakas white stone. Volakas white stone has the advantage of not being waterproof. Because it is a natural stone, the tightness is good, so it will not be watertight when built, affecting the quality of the job. This marble line is particularly beautiful and long-lasting, with a lustrous surface and good scratch resistance. It is also easier and more convenient to clean the stone surface. Volakas white stone is also fire resistant, has a lovely stone pattern, is moisture-proof, and is very luminous.

4-Volakas Marble Slabs and Project Tiles In China 

​Volakas White Marble Slab - marble-slabs