The Castle Grey Marble Slab

A whole range of applications of Castle Grey Marble in countertops, project tiles for any interior decoration project, colours and styles. This grey color is sure to give a regal look to any space.

Castle Grey Marble Polished Slabs

The neutral color of the Castle Grey Marble Slab is always the most classic one. The gray is not old, but the gray is solemn and elegant; with the neutral and excessive gray tones, the overall style of the space is immediately cordial and natural;

The calmness and elegance of the gray tone in Castle Grey Marble Stone make people instinctively explore the peace of mind in the hustle and bustle of modern life, inadvertently becoming a new fashion trend advertised, gray space, beauty should be so.

The Castle Gray marble is the only high-grade warm gray marble with lightning-like gold patterns evenly distributed. Its appearance is simple and elegant. The sand saw a large slab become crystal after polishing. Due to the formation process of more than 200 million years, sometimes it may be on the board’s surface. Some fossils of marine life will be found.

The chaotically sawn old castle gray slab has no noticeable lines and has a classic charm.

The old castle ash grey marble is suitable for large-scale use and can fully reflect the designer’s ingenious ideas and exquisite creativity.

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The Castle Grey Marble Slab - marble-slabsThe Castle Grey Marble Slab - marble-slabs

The Castle Grey Marble Slab - marble-slabsThe Castle Grey Marble Slab - marble-slabs

Size Details of Grey Marble

Product Name
Castle Grey Marble                                                                                                                                   
Natural Marble
Mohs hardness

Available Sizes

2400up x 1200up x 18mm, 2400up x 1200up x 20mm, 2400up x 1200up x 30mm etc.
305 x 305 x 20mm, 305 x 610 x 20mm, 610 x 610 x 20mm etc.
Cut to size
457 x 457 x 10mm, 300 x 300 x 20mm, 300 x 600 x 20mm, 600 x 600 x 20mm etc.
1100-1500 x 300-330 x 20/30mm, 1100-1500 x 140-160 x 20mm etc.
Kitchen Countertop
96″ x 36″, 96″ x 25-1/2″, 78″ x 25-1/2″, 78″ x 36″, 72″ x 36″, 96″ x 16″ etc.
300 x 300 x 8mm, 457 x 457 x 8mm, 610 x 610 x 10mm etc.
Bathroom Vanity Top
19″x22″, 22″x25″, 22″x31″, 22″x37″, 22″x49″, 22″x61″
natural pattern, well-polished surface
Indoor And Outdoor
Slab: wooden bundle; Tile/Countertop/Cut to sizes: wooden case
Payment terms
30% by T/T in advance, balance by T/T before shipment


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The Castle Grey Marble Slab - marble-slabs


FAQ of Grey Marble 

Why is Grey Marble so hot in interior space?

Grey marble has a wide range of applications, including countertops, flooring, and interior and outdoor cladding. PAVING IN THE INTERIOR FACADES OF EXTERIOR PAVING KITCHEN LIVING ROOM STAIRS FORMATS FOR BATHROOMS AND BEDROOMS The thickness of marble slabs might vary depending on the application.

For economical items of grey marble, you could enjoy the benefits below:

1)Reasonable cost to reach a budget
2)A wide range of colors and patterns
3)Very durable and resistant to scratches. In other words, you can use them in high-traffic areas without having to worry about them getting damaged.
4)Lastly, grey marbles are affordable and easy to maintain, making them perfect for any private or public decoration.

The Castle Grey Marble Slab - marble-slabs