Sunset Granite G682 Cobblestone

Surface Finishing:Natural split
Stone Form:Cobbestone
Stone Name:Sunset g682 granite
Feature:manufacturer/ supplier
Size:as required

Brand:Perfect Stone

Using our granite cobblestones, you may accentuate your property by adding some old world characteristics. A timeless sense of history will be infused into your home by installing natural granite cobblestones! The G682 granite cobblestones are hand-cut and appear to have been tumbled. genuine natural granite the diameters of these hand-cut cobblestones vary somewhat but are generally constant. Make a granite cobble stone edger for your gardens using these blocks, or simply lay them down to create a real, old-world cobblestone walkway or driveway. These blocks have a vehicle traffic rating. One of the first building materials used by humans is granite. It is a superior option because it is durable in foot traffic areas and scratch-resistant in driveways.

Product Introduction

  A type of granite is called sunset granite. The G682 code identifies the national stone. It is extremely hard, having a compression resistance of 123.3 MPa, a bending resistance of 16.9 MPa, a water absorption rate of 0.16%, and a density of roughly 2.6–2.7 tons/m3. 

High-quality granite Sunset G682 has numerous odorless spots, no black spots, transparent rust spots, deep yellow rust spots, and multiple rust spots. The best option for outdoor wall dry hanging, according to the industry, is the high-quality smooth yellow rust stone. Landscape architects’ preferred options include ground paving stones and landscape stones made of litchi and burnt noodles. The majority of European and American consumers prefer the color of the rust stone countertop because it is particularly lovely after polishing, displaying elegance and nobleness as well as having a strong wear resistance.

The G682 granite cobblestone road paving stone is inexpensive, produces a lot, has a high level of wear resistance, and has a specific compressive strength.

Sunset Granite G682 Cobblestone - cobble-stone

Yellow granite cobblestone

Sunset Granite G682 Cobblestone - cobble-stone

Chinese granite supplier

Sunset Granite G682 Cobblestone - cobble-stone

Sunset granite paving

Surface Choice
Polished, Honed, Grooved, Inclined, Stripped, Tumbled, Antique, Brushed, Picked, Water-hydraulic, Acid washed, Waterproof, etc.
Dry-hangs, Cut-to-Sizes, Panels, Slabs, Tops, Sanitary, Blocks, Stair Steps, Paving, Curbs, Columns, Pillars, Tombstone, Sculptures, Fountains, Lanterns, Pots, Tables, Chairs, Lines, Meshed Paving, Mosaics, Cultural Marbles etc.
Common Sizes
The following are common sizes, available for customization
1500upx600, 2400upx650,
2400upx1200up, etc.
18,20,30, etc.
Cultural Stone
Wooden Bundle, Crate, Pallet, Rain Cloth, Carton & Foam are Our Usual Packing Material, But Different Product Different Pack, Different Pack Different Cost.
T/T,30% deposit, 70% paid before shipping
China port
 Principally 1 full container at least, but mix loading in the same port is allowed
15-25 days after manufacturing begins.
Natural stone varies in pattern and color from quarry to quarry, even block to block
Good communication, successful cooperation

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Sunset Granite G682 Cobblestone - cobble-stone

Sunset Granite G682 Cobblestone - cobble-stone

Sunset Granite G682 Cobblestone - cobble-stoneSunset Granite G682 Cobblestone - cobble-stoneSunset Granite G682 Cobblestone - cobble-stone