Spanish Dark Emperador Marble Tiles

Depp Brown Color-Emperador Dark is an attractive Spanish marble with a range of dark and rich browns and grays. This marble is recommended for residential and commercial installations. Create beautiful marble countertops, marble tile floors, accent walls, and more with slabs and matching tiles from the Emperador Dark Marble collection of Perfect Stone.

1, Marble Color: Dark Emperador Marble, Spanish Emperador Dark Marble
2, Place of Origin: Spain
3, Marble Factory: Perfect Stone
4, Color: Brown
5, Samples: Free
6, Size: 24”x24”, 12”x24”, 18”x18”, or customized 
7, Size/Thickness: 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
8, MOQ: 100 Square Meters / Pieces

9, Surface: Polished, Honed, and Brushed 

10, Application: Bathroom floor and wall tiles, hotel lobby outside cladding wall for villa, departments, luxury, residential, shopping mall etc.

Emperador Dark Marble Floor and Wall Tiles

Spanish Dark Emperador Marble Tiles is recommended for interior use in residential and commercial buildings for flooring, and walls, such as hotel lobbies, apartments, restaurants, and office building projects. Spanish Dark Emperador marble tiles Standart sizes – 60X60X2, 60X40X2, 60X30X2, 610X305X10 305X305X10. By order, we may cut other sizes with polished, honed, acid surfaces to fit different customers’ requirements.

Spanish Dark Emperador Marble Tiles - marble-tiles

-A Deep Brown Color Marble-Dark Emperador From Perfect Stone for High-end interior decoration projects

Dark Emperador Marble Tile is a long-lasting marble tile for flooring and wall applications, with natural brown base color and texture being very constant and having minimal variants equal selection.

Essential Features of Dark Emperador Marble 


Ideal quality: The darker the color, the better. Try to reduce white roots and flowers.
Advantages: white flowers, high gloss, easy to repair, with a wide range of applications.
Defects: large color difference, easy-to-produce macula, erythema, white spots, low density.
Application: It is widely used at home and abroad for service desks, column heads, column bases, door pocket lines, interior walls, floors, stair steps, countertops, etc. in hotels, guesthouses, clubs, high-end office buildings, banks, and other places. Emperador Dark Marble Tiles will create a current appearance in residential and business projects.

Emperador Dark Marble Paving Tile is an indoor item, it is no longer advocated for out-of-door use. It can be used on each wall and ground application.

As its name suggests, this particular marble is popular for its dark undertones of brown. Its unique beauty is also due to its crystalline veins, which make it even more spectacular. Dark Emperador Marble is quarried in Spain and is also known by many other names: Emperador Oscuro, Emperador Maron, Emperador Scurro, Ramona Brown, Ramora Brown, Emperador Dark Spain, Imperador Fonse, Moron Imperial, Castaño Imperador Escuro. Our Dark Emperador Marble Floor Tiles are perfect for flooring and partitions in bathrooms, kitchens, showers, residing rooms, hallways, lobbies..etc.

Emperador Marble Slabs and Countertop Sizes | Perfect Stone


We can cut different sizes of natural marble according to the customer’s requirements.
1) slab: 250upx130up, 240upx60,70,80,90cm
2) floor & wall cladding: 60×60(24”x24”), 30.5×30.5(12”x12”), 45.7×45.7(18”x18”)
3) stairs step & riser: 150x33x3 & 150x15x2cm
4) kitchen countertop & vanity top: 96”x26”x2 & 49”x22”x2cm

Tile Slab Kitchen Countertop Vanity Top

(305X305 or 300X300)

1000(up)*600(up) 96″x36″ 25″x22″

(610X305 or 600X300)

1000(up)*700(up) 96″x25 1/2″ 31″x19″/22″

(610X610 or 600X600)

1000(up)*900(up) 96″x16″ 37″x19″/22″


1800(up)*1200(up) 78″x36″ 49″x19″/22″
400*400  2400(up)*1200(up) 78″x25 1/2″ 61″x19″/22″
800*800 According to
Your request
72″x36″ 73″x19″/22″


According to your request As per your drawing
Thickness: 10mm; 12mm; 15mm; 18mm; 20mm; 25mm; 30mm; 35mm; 40mm; 45mm; 50mm; etc.


Customized Project Tiles of Dark Emperador Marble | Photos | Perfect Stone



Spanish Dark Emperador Marble Tiles - marble-tiles   Spanish Dark Emperador Marble Tiles - marble-tiles

Spanish Dark Emperador Marble Tiles - marble-tiles   Spanish Dark Emperador Marble Tiles - marble-tiles

Applicable for indoor and outdoor projects and designs, Emperador Dark Marble Tiles can be used for wall cladding, flooring, bathroom, kitchen countertops, pool covers, stair covers, creating fountains and sinks, and many other special projects. The brown color also has variations on the surface and is visible, which is the beauty of stone brown. If you want a dark tone for your place, it’s a perfect choice. Thanks to its elegant look, Spanish Emperador Dark Marble gives a delicate and luxurious look to any room.

Commercial Building and Residence Interior Project | Dark Emperador Marble


Spanish Dark Emperador Marble Tiles - marble-tiles

With an exquisitely polished surface of Emperador Dark Marble Floor Tile featuring a range of dark rich browns and grays. This Spanish brown marble is recommended for interior use in residential and commercial buildings for flooring, walls, and countertops. Perfect Stone provides a full wild range of Emperador dark marble collections, from countertops, floor wall tiles, bathroom mosaics, stairs, columns, and other customized products for any commercial building project.

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Spanish Dark Emperador Marble Tiles - marble-tiles

Perfect Stone is a top-class general sales processing company. We specialize in processing marble slabs, marble tiles, indoor and outdoor stone decoration projects such as hotels and villas, stone arts and crafts, and stone accessories. It is a company with a deep cultural background that integrates production, sales, engineering, and import/export. The products cover various kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative stones, stone crafts, lighting stone accessories, furniture, and household stone accessories, bathroom stone accessories, and other fields.

Spanish Dark Emperador Marble Tiles - marble-tiles