Santa Cecilia Light Granite Prefab

Santa Cecilia Light Granite from Brazil is a cream, black, and white slab with a polished, leather-covered, or honed surface. Durable Brazilian granite is recommended for kitchen and bathroom countertops. One of the more popular granite options in recent times is Santa Cecilia Granite. It’s all thanks to its beauty and versatility.

Material: Santa Cecilia Granite
Color: Yellow
Port: China

Countertop Size: Kitchen countertop 96″x26″, Island top 30″x76″, and other sizes.
                        Countertop Peninsula: 36″x78″, 39″x78″&28″x78″ 

Countertop Island: 36″x78″&39″x78″ Island,
Countertop Snack Bar: 12″x78″&15″x78″ 

Thickness: 20mm, 30mm

Surface: Polished 

Granite Countertop Factory: Perfect Stone 

Payment: L/C, T/T at sight

Prefab Santa Cecilia Light Granite Kitchen Customized Countertops

Santa Cecilia Light Granite is a kind of light golden beige with purple and darker dots of natural stone quarried in Brazil. Cecilia Light Granite is especially good for Countertopmosaicsaiexterior–interior wall and floor applications, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, and other design projects. It is also called Giallo Santa Cecilia Light Granite, Giallo St Cecilia Light Granite, St Cecilia Light Granite, Santa Cecilia Granite, and Light Purple Dot Granite.

Granite countertop has high hardness and good stain resistance. Western cooking is simple and open kitchens, so natural granite is their first choice.

Santa Cecilia Light Granite Prefab - granite-countertopSanta Cecilia Light Granite Countertops’ exciting color combination and detail make it a popular choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. It is also very versatile, blending perfectly with most cabinetry colors. Santa Cecilia Granite’s piece makes a statement and adds texture to any design. It adds a focal point without overpowering the kitchen and bathroom projects.

Why Choose Santa Cecilia Granite For Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop?

Known for its rough exterior and warm earthy tones, a greyish-white undertone dominates, with brown, black, and burgundy mineral flecks evenly patterned across the surface. Not only are these plates naturally beautiful, but they are also extremely durable and heat resistant. Properly sealed and cared for, St Cecilia Light Granite countertops are also resistant to fading, scratches, and water spots. Whether indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen or bathroom, the Santa Cecilia Granite can come in handy.

Advantages of granite kitchen countertops:

Appearance: The subtle color changes of granite cannot be imitated by artificial stones. The color of granite will change with the evolution of light, whether it is color, spots, or other patterns throughout the whole granite. Heat resistance: granite has an excellent heat resistance and heat dissipation. The heated pot will not leave any traces on the countertop, and will not cause bubbles or cracks on the countertop due to excessive temperature differences. Resistance: granite has no pores and is not easy to breed bacteria.

1-Standard Granite Countertop Sizes | Perfect Stone 

Product name Santa Cecilia light granite stone
Color Yellow
Material Santa Cecilia light granite
Style Modern
Finish Polished
Certificate Stestext report
Usage indoor/outdoor walls, floors, countertops, basins, stairs, columns, etc.
Slabs Size (2400-3000) X (1200-1600) X (12-30) mm
Countertop Size 96″x36″,108″x36″,118″x36″,36″x22″,48″x22″,60″x22″,72″x22″,
Application Kitchen room and bathroom.

The gold, brown, and black in Santa Cecilia Granite are beautiful and can fit into your kitchen and bathroom.

2-Prefab Granite Countertops In Factory 

Santa Cecilia Light Granite Prefab - granite-countertop   Santa Cecilia Light Granite Prefab - granite-countertop

Santa Cecilia Light Granite Prefab - granite-countertop

Granite prefab

Santa Cecilia Light Granite Prefab - granite-countertop

2cm granite prefab

Santa Cecilia Light Granite Prefab - granite-countertop

Kitch Countertop

Its natural aesthetic of Santa Cecilia Light Brazilian Granite will create the necessary counterpoint in minimalist kitchens, stylish drawing rooms, or exteriors, where resilience is allied with the most timeless beauty.

3- Kitchen and Bathroom Countertops Designs with Santa Cecilia Granite 

Santa Cecilia Light Granite Prefab - granite-countertop

Brazilian Light Santa Cecilia granite has many beautiful variations that can be used both indoors and outdoors. As a splashback, as floor tiles on worktops in bathrooms and kitchens. It tends to have a creamy base with shades ranging from darker colors like brown to lighter shades of gold. Even the black specks range from black to burgundy. These spots and the veins towards the base create a great deal of contrast.

4-Granite Kitchen and Bathroom Countertop Suppliers

Santa Cecilia Light Granite Prefab - granite-countertop

Perfect Stone has a good variety and quality Brazilian Granite and other natural marble for kitchen and bathroom countertops. We have a wide range of services, like the selection of raw stone materials, polishing, or any kind of treatment like leather finish, polish, or any textured look you need provides you with the best.