Sahara Black Marble

Product Name: Noir Saharar Marble Slabs and Tiles
Brand Name: Perfect Stone
Stone Form: Slab/Cut to size/Tile
Color: Black with Gold and White Line Marble
Size/Thickness: AS Customer Requirement
MOQ: 100 Square Meters/Pieces
Marble Sahara Noir is perfect for interiors and objects of design.

Luxurious Black Sahara Marble Slabs For Indoor Tiles and Vanity Tops

Sahara Black Marble from the mysterious country of Tunisia, is a natural black marble stone from the Jebel Mountains, because of the steady and noble, unparalleled black substrate of Sahara Black Marble, known as the black stone in the royal aristocracy. As if the night sky, quiet, deep, that a clear and straight gold silver line, like a bright meteor, instantly gave the black night spirit and life, all make people feel nature’s magic.

A smooth surface as pure black as chocolate of Noir Sahara Marble, the luminosity can reach 100° polished on average. The pure black base color, the white roots, and the gold lines are interlaced to form a tangible grid. Black Marble Sahara Noir is a beautiful black marble with warm orange and white dramatic veining that is perfect for interior design. Designers adore Sahara Noir Marble Tiles in bookmatched wall treatments. You cannot go wrong with Sahara Noir Black Marble if you are searching for that element to enhance the design of your business or residential project; its clean black and straight-colored veining creates a difference in any environment, such as the kitchen, bathroom floors, or walls, or the living room.

Sahara Noir Marble is a kind of black marble with golden veins quarried in Tunisia. This stone is especially good for exterior – interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaics, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, and other design projects.

The Specification of Noir Sahara Marble

From private villa projects to big hotels or mall projects, It is one of the most preferred materials nowadays.

1. Product name: Sahara noir black Aziza marble
2. Popular Tile Size
305 x 305 x 10mm -12″ x 12″ x 3/8″ ;  457 x 457 x 12mm -18″ x 18″ x 1/2″
400 x 400 x 12mm -16″ x 16″ x 1/2″ ;  300 x 600 x 12mm -12″ x 24″ x 1/2″
400 x 400 x 20mm -16″ x 16″ x 3/4″ ;  300 x 600 x 20mm -12″ x 24″ x 3/4″
400 x 600 x 20mm -16″ x 24″ x 3/4″ ;  600 x 600 x 20mm -24″ x 24″ x 3/4″
or customized.
3. Popular Slabs Size:
Strip slabs—(180-300)*(60-90)*2/3/4cm
Gangsaw slabs—(240-300)*(120-180)*2/3/4cm
4. Tolerance:
+/-0.5mm for 1cm thick tiles
+/-1mm or 1.5mm for a thickness of more than 1cm
5. Product thickness: 10-60mm or as per your requirement

Sahara Black Marble - marble-slabs


Sahara Noir Marble Warehouses of Perfect Stone

Sahara Black Marble - marble-slabs

Sahara Black Marble - marble-slabs


FAQ| Why Buy Sahara Noir Marble Slabs and Tiles from Perfect Stone


Without a doubt, finding the best Noir “Aziza” at the best price is the main subject of your project budget. And Sahara Black generally needs professional epoxy applied during production on both sides. It is quite necessary to apply epoxy to raw blocks in a “vacuum epoxy system” before cutting them.

As Perfect Stone, as your stone solution partner, we are here. Because we know this product very well. Selecting the best blocks for your project. Then we bring the blocks to Turkey and make super high technology treatment. 

​We would like to inform you that Sahara Black is one of the products that we have huge experience in supplying all over the world. We have lots of projects and regular clients. Please contact us to get more information.

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Sahara Black Marble - marble-slabs

Sahara Black Marble - marble-slabs