Rosso Alicante Marble Slab

Rosso Alicante is a white and gray veined red marble quarried in Alicante, Spain. And it is also known as Alicante Marble, Red Marble, Marmol Rojo, and Rosso Marble. This Spanish Dark Red marble is suitable for interior and exterior projects. It is an excellent choice for bathroom flooring, wall cladding, vanity tops, and stair covering.

Dark Red Marble Item: Rosso Alicante Marble, Spanish Rosso Marble

Random Slab Size: 2600upx1700up, 2500upx1300up, 2700upx1900up, etc.

Thickness: 16mm, 20mm, 30mm

Surface: Polished, Honed, Acid, Tumbled

MOQ: 100-300 SQM 

Marble Factory: Perfect Stone

Payment: T/T, L/C at sight 

Application: For internal and external decoration and construction, wall panels, floor tile, stairs, paving, wall cladding, countertop, and vanity tops are available.

Rosso Alicante Red Spanish Marble Random Slabs 

Rosso Alicante Marble is a classic and timeless deep red natural marble from Span. This natural Spanish Red Rojo Alicante Marble Slab evokes a rustic Mediterranean feel and instantly warms and brightens any space. Rosso Alicante is distinctive, but its earthy red hue is versatile and promises beautiful applications in both classic and contemporary areas.

The Tech Features of Marmol Rojo
Color variations always occur to some extent, even in the same batch.
Catalog: MarbleRosso Alicante Marble Slab - marble-slabs
Color: Red
Country: Spain (Alicante, Valencia)
Water Absorption: 0.17 ± 0.03 %
Compressive Strength: 90.1 ± 10.0 MPa
Density: 2740 ± 10 kg/m3
Flexural Strength: 9.0 ± 2.3 MPa

Rojo Alicante is a red marble-colored limestone, fine-grained, with irregular white streaks.
Rosso Alicante Marble Slab from Perfect Stone features the highest quality, consistency, and range of beauty, making Rojo Alicante one of the best stones for all kinds of decorating projects.
Red Marble Rosso Alicante accepts any surface finish and can be offered in various customized tiles sizes for any indoor and outdoor floor and wall applications. Its seams whimsically crisscross it, creating a sea of reddish panels that give any space a natural yet highly sophisticated elegance.

The Specifications of Spanish Rojo Marble 

Stone Name Rojo Alicante
Other Name Red Alicante, Rosso Alicante
Stone Form marble block, marble slab, marble cut-to-size, marble tile, marble mosaic, marble waterjet medallion, marble moldings, marble carving, marble relief, marble borders, etc.
Color Red
Standard Size Slabs: 120cm UP x 240cm UP
Cut-to-size: 30cm x 60cm, 60cm x 60cm, 80cm x 80cm, 100cm x 100cm, 60cm x 120cm
Tiles: 12″x12″, 16″x16″, 18″x18″, 12″x24″
Countertops: 96″x26″x3/4″, 108″x26″x3/4″
Other sizes are available according to your request.
Thickness 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm, customized, etc.
Surface Finished Polished, honed, antiqued, natural split surface, machine cut, bushhammered, sandblasted, customized.
Usage It is widely used in the exterior and interior of hotels, villas, residential buildings, offices, shopping malls, etc.
MOQ 10m2
Payment Terms L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, etc.

Rosso Alicante Marble Slab - marble-slabs

-Checkerboard design with Alicante Rojo Marble rhombus Tiles mixed with other color stones, like white, and cream marble, is a timeless and traditional design for any interior wall and floor.

With a slightly reddish color and varying amounts of bright stripes depending on the piece, Rosso Alicante Red Marble offers a wide range of decorating options and can decorate almost any room.

Natural Rojo Alicante Polished Marble Slabs Inventory 

Rosso Alicante Marble Slab - marble-slabs   Rosso Alicante Marble Slab - marble-slabs

Rosso Alicante Marble Slab - marble-slabs   Rosso Alicante Marble Slab - marble-slabs

This strong personality and character of Alicante Red Marble Slab are tangible on countertops, floors, walls, and very warm facades, perfect for adapting and combining them with any type of decor.

Rosso Alicante Red Marble Project Tiles | Perfect Stone 

Rosso Alicante Marble Slab - marble-slabs   Rosso Alicante Marble Slab - marble-slabs

-Rosso Alicante Marble Tile invites you to a rustic setting, striking for a more casual setting, and of course very Mediterranean for other occasions, accentuating its timeless beauty.

Commercial and Residence Interior Projects with Rosso Alicante Marble

Rosso Alicante Marble Slab - marble-slabs

The beauty of earth’s colors. Distinctively, determined, and extremely versatile, Rosso Alicante Red Marble blends perfectly into any room. Charm, passion, warmth, and energy, Marble Rosso Alicante is a unique and valuable brick-red opaque marble with light gray and white streaks. Originally from Spain, it is now widely used around the world as a material for flooring and accessories. It has excellent technical properties that make it equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Rosso Red Alicante Marble Slabs and Tiles Factory 

Rosso Alicante Marble Slab - marble-slabs

Perfect Stone’s strategy is to partner with our customers on consumer camps and projects around the world by offering a wide range of innovative, affordable products available from a single supplier.
Our QC and Sales team selects products from the best quarries, to ensure the highest quality, it is inspected before production and again at the factory before export. Tiles, slabs, cuts, blocks, and stone export products are available in collections of travertine, marble, granite, limestone, and sandstone from Spain, France, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, and Portugal.