Quartz Vanity Top With Integral Basin

Integral vanity top
Using for 5 star hotel

Product Introduction



Quartz vanity top with integral basin


Grade A Marble


Vanity top size 31", 37", 41", 49", 60", 63" etc. any size can be precut.

Countertop size:  72", 80", 96", 98", 108" etc. as per projects, size can be customized.


wooden crate



  Delivery time:   

 3 days for sample

 20-25 days for 1*20ft Container

Please check with us for the size and quantity needed


 T/T commonly.


The decoration design of the bathroom vanity is the most important space in our home life. The bathroom vanity with basin is a sanitary equipment and occupies a very important position in the bathroom. Bathroom sink design, material selection and quality are many different.

First, the integral bathroom sink design

1. The feature of the sink is that it has a strong three-dimensional effect. The bottom of the sink is not integrated with the countertop, but is independent. This design has a certain visual impact. The white appearance matches the bottom of the light blue floral pattern, which is very textured. When the sink is full of water, it is more visually pleasing under the light.

2. The design of the sink does not have too many highlights. The design of the sink does not have too many highlights, but the inside of the sink has a different structure. At the angle of 30 ° in the sink, the drainage pipe on the side of the sink is designed. This independent sink is simple and practical, more suitable for business people.

3. The sink can give a very comfortable rural feeling. The gray sink is matched with small dark green tiles, which is close to nature. This design has the characteristics of a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. The water flow bends under the meandering flow, forming a beautiful mood of the small bridge flowing water.

Quartz Vanity Top With Integral Basin - vanity-top