Patagonia Quartzite Slab

The Patagonian quartzite is one of the most extraordinary and picturesque stones found in nature. A Brazilian quartzite stone characterized by strength and hardness, it has a graphic effect of outstanding beauty. Own distinctive texture and diverse colors, this stone is favored by many designers, popularly used for countertops (benchtops, worktops), vanity tops, flooring, wall cladding, etc.
Item: Patagonia White Quartzite
Size: 3200upx1900up, 2900upx1900up, 2600upx1500up, etc
Thickness: 18mm, 30mm
Surface: Polished
MOQ: 100 SQM or trail order
Quartzite Factory: Perfect Stone
Payment: T/T, L/C at sight

Patagonia Brazilian Quartzite Slabs 

The Patagonia Quartzite Slab’s appearance varies from different blocks. For some slabs, pure crystal quartz occupies the full slab, while yellow and ivory are the main colors of other slabs. At the same time, there will be some brown patches and black spots on the surface of Quartzite Patagonia Slabs. For different blocks, the crystal area is different, and the price will be different, too.

Patagonia Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

You will find the large quartz and black patterns on the surface of Patagonia Full Quartzite Slabs 

Patagonia Brazilian Quartzite Slabs of this material are characterized by an extraordinary combination of shapes and colors. Some parts are white, black, beige, and brown, alternating with other shades of translucent gray quartz, streaked with gold. The different elements found in Patagonian quartzite are due to the different rocks and minerals involved in its formation.

1-Specification of Patagonia Quartzite 

Product Name
Exotic Patagonia Natural Quartzite Stone Slabs For Countertops and Wall Paneling
Materials from Perfect Stone
Marble, Granite, Slate, Quartzite, Sandstone, Basalt, Travertine, Limestone, Onyx, etc
White, Black, Grey, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, etc.
Popular Full Slab Size
240up x 120up cm, 240up x 130up cm, 250up x 120up cm, 250up x 130up cm, 260up x 140up cm, 260up x 150up cm, Or other size according to the customer request
Popular Small (Half) Slab Size
240up x 60cm/70cm/80cm, 250up x 60cm/70cm/80cm, 250up x 60cm/70cm/80cm, 250up x 60cm/70cm/80cm, other sizes according to customer request
Popular Cut-to-Size Tile Size
305x305mm, 300x600mm, 305x610mm, 400x400mm, 457x457mm, 400x800mm, 600x600mm, 900x900mm, 1200x500mm, 600x600mm, 900x900mm, 1200x500mm, 1200x600mm, etc
Standard Thickness
10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc
Polished, Honed, Acid Washed, Grooved Lines, etc.
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Slabs, Cut-To-Size, Wall & Floor Tiles, Countertops, Mosaic, Stone Sinks, Bath Tubs, Shower Pans, Wall Cladding, Ledge Stone, Loose Stone, Mushroom Stone, Paving Stone, Swimming Pool Coping and Pavers, Stepper Stones, Bench, Pebble Stone, Water Fountain, Sculpture and other Garden Stones, etc.
Strong fumigated wooden crates, wooden pallets, wooden bundles, etc.
FREE SAMPLES will be provided once requested.

Brazilian Patagonia Quartzite is the latest chic Quartzite which features rich earthy tones. Patagonia Quartzite Stone is characterized by its soft pink tones on a daring ‘pattern-like’ background. Incorporating white, beige, and light brown highlights, this natural stone features black and brown shadows with a subtle translucent appeal.

2-Patagonia Quartzite Full Slabs in Warehouses

Patagonia Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone  Patagonia Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

Patagonia Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone  Patagonia Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

Its unique characteristics make Backlit Patagonia Quartzite Slab a valuable material, suitable for refined interiors. Some of the most exceptional creations of contemporary design include Patagonia quartzite, which is becoming increasingly trendy.

3-Patagonia Quartzite For Kitchen Countertop Designs 

Patagonia Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

Patagonia Quartzite in Kitchen Countertops can be in different designs, and unique, and luxurious.

The brilliance of its surface, sometimes sparkling, and its mix of colors make the Patagonia Quartzite Countertops a stunning element, suitable for any kitchen style.

Patagonia Quartzite Slab - luxury-stone

Besides kitchen and bathroom countertop applications, Patagonia quartzite stone is also suitable for indoor floor, and wall usage. Patagonia Quartzite is a unique and dramatic stone with exceptional hardness and strength. Its visual elements are of exceptional beauty.

4-Patagonia Quartzite Full Slabs and Customized Countertop Factory

Patagonia Quartzite Slab - luxury-stoneMain Products Range of Patagonia Quartzite

Patagonia Quartzite is best used in interiors, where its toughness and hardness make it perfect for kitchen countertops, coffee tables, bathroom surfaces, and tables. Because of the mix of colors, this stone works best in big formats to highlight all its attributes.

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