Patagonia Granite Slab

The Brazilian Orignal Luxury Stone-Patagonia Granite is a beautiful stone with layers of color ranging from ivory to black. The shades and colors are mixed in many ways, making it more individual than any other stone on the market. Patagonia also has two distinguishing features. Prominent gray crystals characterize it, and amber quartzite crystals are also found against the dark substratum. This combination is perfect for a mantelpiece, accent wall, shimmering kitchen countertop, or even as a bathroom vanity.

Granite Name: Patagonia Brazilian Luxury Granite, Patagonia Quartzite
Place of Origin: Brazil
Brazilian Granite Factory Name: Perfect Stone
Stone Form: Slab / Cut to size /TileColor: Beige, White, Cream
Random Slabs Size: 2800x1900up, 2700upx1900up, 2600upx1900up AS Customer’s Requirement

Thickness: 18mm, 20mm, 30mm

Surface: Polished is the best one, with LED backlit effect
MOQ: 100 Square Meters / Pieces
Samples: Free

Usage: For internal and external decoration and construction, wall panel, floor tile, stairs, paving, wall cladding, countertop, and vanity are available.

Best Quality Patagonia Luxury Polished Granite Random Slabs

Patagonia Granite is from Brazil, a country in South America. Because of its complex geographic features, which have many volcanos, this country is rich in many beautiful stones. This stone is abundant in quartz, so it is also named Patagonia Quartzite.

Patagonia Granite Slab is a gorgeous, stunning natural stone 2cm/3cm thick and available in Perfect Stone’sPatagonia Granite Slab - granite-slabs Inventory warehouse. The surface quality can be selected from polishing and honed(matted) according to the customer’s request. One of the notable things about Patagonian granite stone is that voids are more common than most granites because of their unusual crystal structure. The epoxy resin fills cracks found during the polishing process, providing an extra layer of protection against future damage.

This granite has large crystals of feldspar, quartz, and biotite. Due to the unique structure of these crystals which can cause voids, during the polishing process epoxy resin is applied to the surface of the stone to fill in any natural pits.

Pure natural stone from Brazil, each piece is built with a unique texture, delicate and smooth, crystal clear crystal body texture, high-end atmosphere, and high class. The heartwarming Patagonia Granite Polished Slabs’ color, texture, and space are decorated with gorgeous luxury, showing a unique taste. In Europe and America, Patagonia Extra Granite is most commonly used in kitchen countertops, sinks, walls, and some furniture designs, such as coffee tables, side tables, low plinths, etc., to give a unique look to the interior space. In China, our users prefer this White Patagonia Granite Slab for wall backgrounds because of the light transmission effect, which gives the stone a gem-like effect.

Basic Information of Patagonia Granite 

Natural Stone Patagonia luxury polished granite slabs
About Patagonia Granite
Uniqueness—Perfect performance in the backlit effect as Patagonia Brazilian Granite’s translucent texture, the crystals become thinner under the light.
Surface Finishes—Polished, Bush Hammered, Tumbled, Brushed, Honed, Split, Machine Cut, Natural Surface, Sandblasted, Acid Washing, Combed,
Leathered, Water Jet, Filled, Chiseled, Pickling
Usage— exterior – interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool, and wall
capping, stairs, window sills, and other design projects.
Small slab–1800(up)×600-900(up)mm
Big slab–2400(up)×1200(up)mm
Cut to size–300 x 300mm, 600 x 600mm, 800 x 800mm and etc

Patagonian granite is quarried in Brazil and is also known as Patagonian quartzite. Combining yellow, gray, and black crystals against a creamy white background, this is a truly dramatic and gorgeous project.

Why is Patagonia Granite So Popular?

In ancient Greece, Pan means everything and Dora is a gift. The beautiful connotations inspire companies to name their brands and are more popular among consumers. Fine stones go to great lengths to highlight foreign mystical customs. natural texture, gorgeous and fashionable color display, Crystal is transparent as if recording the mystery of time. Unlike many fine stones, we use crystal material. This particular Brazilian granite material has been refined over time as if it captures the secrets of a priceless treasure’s past. This is one reason why Patagonia is so popular.

Inventory of Patagonia Granite 

Patagonia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

Patagonia Granite Slab

Patagonia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

Patagonia Granite Polished Slab

Patagonia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

Natural Patagonia Quartztize Slab

Patagonia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

Patagonia Granite For Countertops

The Patagonia Granite has a large crystal of feldspar, quartz, and biotite, which with great hardness and duration, is ideally used for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, island tops, tabletops, bar tops, and backsplashes.

Interior Designs Cases of Patagonia Granite 

Patagonia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

-Patagonia Granite For Tables, Countertops, Washbasin, and Wall Covering Designs 

Patagonia Granite Stone can perform well in the backlit effect as its translucent texture, the crystals become shinner under the light, creating a stunning landscape for your interior space. Well-defined patterns are complemented by embellishments that highlight the clash of textures and colors to make the space wild rather than chaotic. Each Patagonia Slab piece, whether wall-mounted or floor-mounted, is an intricately carved “work of art” that is both practical and decorative.

Patagonia Granite Random Slabs and Countertop Factory 

Patagonia Granite Slab - granite-slabs

Perfect Stone produces and supplies various sized products of Patagonia granite for countertops, furniture, fireplace, wall panels, and stairs. While we also provide other natural and man-made stones, such as marble, quartzite, limestone, travertine, and semi-precious stone for any commercial building interior and exterior floor and wall applications.