Panda White Marble Tile Flooring

Black and white have always been classic and timeless, representing fashionable colors. Natural Marble Panda white is an incomparable combination of black and white! Panda white marble is produced in China. It seems that nature and humans have a long relationship with each other. Like a traditional Chinese ink painting, Panda white marble shows its unique charm in various stones.

Marble Material: Panda White Marble
Color: White and Black Straps Patterns

Random Slab Size: 2500upx1400up, 2700upx1900up, 2400upx1300up, etc.

Marble Customized Tile Size: 600×600, 900×600, 1200x900mm, or customized 

Marble Thickness: 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm
Surface: Polished, Honed
Delivery Time: 15~20 days after the order is finalized.

Application: Wall, floor, customized, countertops, vanity tops, tables, worktops

Natural Panda Marble Floor and Wall Tiles 

Panda White Marble, one of the most famous Chinese marbles, is wildly used for home decorating, except for using a background wall. Panda White Marble Tile Flooring is a good option for any commercial real estate indoor project with its changeable but continuous vein. As its name suggests, Panda White Marble Flooring Tile is a black and white marble stone. On the white background, the black lines flow freely and freely, like an unintentional work of nature after being slightly drunk, with the uninhibited care of wild grass.

Panda White Marble Tile Flooring - marble-tiles

-Panda Natural Chinese Marble | Perfect Stone. The black-and-white texture alternates, sprinkling white with soot and black ink. It has the delicate poetic flavor of Wu Guanzhong’s ink, and can be called a “national treasure”.

Panda White marble Tile has a beautiful black-and-white contrast pattern, creating a striking appearance in any room. Since marble prices are generally high, we cut panda marble blocks with a thickness of 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 2.5 cm, and 3 cm by making special products in our factory. There are many marble colors in the marble world. There are many marble models in Panda Marble Floor Tiles.

We choose the best material from domestic and foreign quarries.

Finishing: polished, honed, Antique with acid treatment. water-jet

Products: Marble Tile, Marble Slab, Marble Countertop, Marble Vanity Top, Marble Flooring Tile. Marble Wall Cladding, Marble Line, Marble Mosaic, Marble Pattern, Marble Water jet. Marble Pillar, Marble Column, etc.

Natural Marble Stone Flooring Tiles Sizes | Perfect Stone 

Materials Marble
Design Style Modern, Traditional, European, Postmodern, Coastal, Mediterranean, and Asian
Surface Finishing Polished, flamed, brushed, waterjet, and other processing
Stone Form Cut-to-Size
Delivery time 7-15 days
Usage Wall, floor, customized, countertop, vanity top, table, worktop

305x305x10mm, 305x610x10mm

300x300x10mm, 300x600x15/20/25/30mm





2400upx600/700/800/900×20/30mm, 2400upx1200upx14/16/18/20/30mm

Customized size and thickness, shape, etc

Color Various options 
Parking Strong wooden crate
Edge processing Various designs, Customized

Marble Floor and Wall Tiles Photos | Perfect Stone 

Panda White Marble Tile Flooring - marble-tiles    Panda White Marble Tile Flooring - marble-tiles

Panda White Marble Tile Flooring - marble-tiles   Panda White Marble Tile Flooring - marble-tiles

Featuring a white background with large, distinctive black stripes, panda marble tiles can create a bold look within the home, whether it is used in the kitchen or bathroom, and our natural panda marble tile is also excellent for the hotel lobby or shopping mall floor. Panda White marble floor slabs allow you to make a strong statement in many ways. Its unique play of light gives a special dimension to kitchen worktops, bathrooms, floors, and walls. Standing up like a book, the contrast becomes even more striking and dramatic.

Commercial Residences Floor and Wall Projects with Panda Marble 

Panda White Marble Tile Flooring - marble-tiles

-Luxury Interior Projects Floor and Wall Designs with Panda Marble Covering Tiles 

In the home decorated with White Panda Marble Tile, it is like being in the landscape and walking in ink. Here we have opened up a private realm that belongs to us alone. We can think about nature and explore life. We settled down and found a different meaning: a trace of Zen or a ray of Buddha light.

Natural Marble Tiles Factory | Perfect Stone 

Panda White Marble Tile Flooring - marble-tiles   Panda White Marble Tile Flooring - marble-tiles

Perfect Stone attended world wild stone fairs

Panda White Marble Tile Flooring - marble-tiles   Panda White Marble Tile Flooring - marble-tiles

-Factory Photos and Certifications

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