Panda White Marble Stone

100% Natural Panda Marble can be used for various home and industrial projects, including kitchen tops, bathrooms, and fireplace cladding, indoors and outdoors. Perfect Stone offers excellent Panda Marble Slabs, Cut-to-Size Project Tiles, Stairs with natural durability, and beautiful marble. Panda white’s white, refined, glossy light and dark lines play the rhythm of nature. The speckled black-and-white texture is interlaced layer by layer, extending infinitely on the stone surface. It has a broad space for imagination and aftertaste, which is romantic and bold, and also contains heroic bearing, emitting the flavor of the new era trend.

Material: Chinese Panda Marble Polished Slabs

Size: 180cmUpx60x1.5cm/2.0cm 180cmUpx65x1.5/2.0cm 180cmUpx70cmx1.5/2.0 cm

Surface: Polished, Honed

MOQ: 100 SQM

Panda Marble Factory: Perfect Stone

Application: floor, pattern, wall facade, indoor decoration, countertop

Payments: T/T, L/C

Chinese Natural Panda Marble 2cm Slabs


Chinese 100% Natural Marble Panda White can provide various ceramic tile sizes according to customer requirements. Polishing or honing surfaces are the most common treatments. Panda white marble is smooth, soft, and elegant, with a black-and-white texture that changes the beauty of nature.

Panda White Marble Stone - marble-slabsMarble Panda White Slab is a white natural stone that is quarried in China. It has a white background, occasionally darker straight lines, and is wild and bright to show its unique charm. Black and white, from appearance, black in the dance, white in the pure, perfectly fit each other.

Polished Panda Marble is a perfect combination of black and white. Black and white have always been a classic, just like the dialogue between you and me. As long as you look at my paintings and listen carefully, you will find my beauty.

Sitting in a house decorated with panda white marble is like walking in a beautiful place surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers. Remind us to think about nature and explore life. We settle down and find another meaning in life.

Design your luxury interiors with a timeless charm with the elegance of white panda marble slab or tile to offer hundreds of solutions for residential areas, the hospitality industry, and business places. The Classy white and black marble patterns display elegant veins which remodel your spaces, creating sophisticated ambiances.

1-Panda White Marble in Warehouses

Panda White Marble Stone - marble-slabsPanda White Marble Stone - marble-slabs

Another amazing variety of marble from Perfect Stones is the incredible White Panda Marble. This is one of the most popular materials on the market.
This stunning natural Chinese black and white marble stone feature majestic black veins against a pure white background, representing the perfect combination to embellish and enhance any quality project.

Panda White Marble Stone - marble-slabsPanda White Marble Stone - marble-slabs

Using book-matched Panda Marble was a bold design decision that makes the unique piece sit right at home and commercial building interior project in line with the client’s bold taste. Panda Marble Slabs with beautiful black and white contrast. With its crisp white background and characteristic waves of wide black stripes, sometimes with a dark green tint, this unique marble makes a great statement.

2-Specification of 100% Natural Panda Marble 

Material:  Book Match Panda White Marble
Product Type: Book Match Slab, Vein Matched Floor and Wall Tiles
Regular Size:  2400(up) x 1200(up)mm
2800(up) x 1600(up)mm etc
Thickness: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, etc
Regular Finished: Polished, Book match, Honed, Leathered, Antiqued, etc. 
Quality Control: Glossiness: 90 degrees polished or up
Thickness Tolerance: ±1mm
Surface flatness tolerance: +/-0.3mm
Diagonal tolerance: +/-1mm.
A strict QC control system ensures every piece is strictly checked before packing.
Delivery Time 15-20days after deposit payment for 1x20ft container or less.

Panda White Marble is a very attractive type of marble that will stand out wherever you place it. Ideal for covering exquisite and luxurious pieces where the quality of the materials that compose them is immediately apparent. Designs incorporating this type of material are highly innovative and modern. Still, Panda White is perfect for all types of decor, from modern to classic spaces, due to the great character and majesty of this precious natural stone. 

3-What Natural Panda Marble Looks Like?

Panda White Marble Stone - marble-slabs

Starting with the bookish marble layout, the main panda white floors and walls are works of art in themselves. Elegant black veins surrounded by tiny amber glazes pierce the rich off-white base of China’s most iconic marble. The designers have done a great job of enhancing nature’s whimsical geometry.

Featuring a white background with large, distinctive black stripes, panda white marble slabs can create a bold look within the home, whether it is used in the kitchen or bathroom.

Chinese Panda Marble features a white background with large, distinctive black stripes. What makes it different from typical white marble is that the black lines are much thicker and more pronounced, giving the surface a dramatic and contrasting look.

4-Why Choose Panda Marble Slabs and Tiles From Perfect Stone

Panda White Marble Stone - marble-slabs

We can make any size of natural marble according to your designs. Welcome to contact us and offer us your requirements!

Advantages & Characteristics:

1) Natural, elegant, and artistic looking;
2) Rich in color combinations, suitable for a variety of decorative projects;
3) High resistance to fading, water, skid, and high temperature.

Suitable for home improvement, art, and decorative projects in:

Wall, floor, border, table, vanity, entrance, etc;
Hotel, bathroom, kitchen, living room, restaurant, pool, bar counter, garden, square, etc.

Panda White Marble Stone - marble-slabs

* Each natural stone is unique, and some display more variations from piece to piece. So Color and Veining Variations are normal for natural stone products. But we will select the materials strictly during production.